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  1. indicabush

    Oregon Creative

    Oregon Bill targets fears that food stamp money is used for marijuana considers ban on EBT cards at pot shops. Yes, pot shops are accepting EBT cards, and some are even issuing coupons for free pot when people buy more than a certain amount . But this bill would ban these businesses from...
  2. indicabush

    Main stem snapped!!! HELP

    Pollen chucking time...ha,ha,ha I'd like some of that,
  3. indicabush

    Monsanto Creates First Genetically

    Monsanto Creates First Genetically Modified Strain of Marijuana St-Louis, MO | Monsanto, the multi-billion agribusiness giant, has announced today it has patented the first genetically modified strain of marijuana. The news that has been welcomed by scientists and leaders of the agriculture...
  4. indicabush

    Economic Nutrient Combo

    Humboldt 1.1.1 Earthjuice Dr Earth compost teas leachaes foliage sprays (kelp mixes)
  5. indicabush

    First Grow- Have A Few Questions For Everyone :-) Thanks!

    Tend to agree with @Jimster ....fert burn.....3 days in to flower....soup mixes will vex you! Flushing time....
  6. indicabush

    My Grow Please Tips And Advise Welcome

    Howdy, Noticed some purple and red colouring on some of your leaf stems...LED lights or low energy problem?
  7. indicabush

    1st Time Foray Into Pgr's...any Advice?

    Howdy, Urban legends...Go with science...Triacontanol works well if your looking for additional stretch. If you would like to have further discussion about hormone classes (PGRs or PGPRs) message me.
  8. indicabush

    1st Time Foray Into Pgr's...any Advice?

    Howdy, Triacontanol... natural pgr will give you additional stretch SuperThrive Humboldt 1 .....maybe...never tried Read up on...Auxins and Cytokinins This should assist you....
  9. indicabush

    I Harvest Every 3 Weeks

    Flowering stage may want to consider some defoliation...or trim if you like.
  10. indicabush

    450w Led Hang Height?

    Howdy...High end approx 20" ... low end 12"...what are your vendor specs?
  11. indicabush

    I Harvest Every 3 Weeks

    Howdy and welcome to the farm...try a simple rotation...1_compost tea 2_fert's 3_water....just a thought
  12. indicabush

    Benifits Of Aloe?

    Very nice SW motif going on there sir.
  13. indicabush

    Benifits Of Aloe?

    It not the " bees knees ", Texas A&M has some documentation if your interested. I have a Aloe plant that I use for cloning purposes.
  14. indicabush

    The War On Pot Marches On:

    Support for legalizing marijuana is surging among the public, as the position moves closer to the mainstream of the Democratic Party. This week, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., a politician adept at reading and responding to the public mood, introduced a bill to decriminalize...
  15. indicabush

    What Is Your Vpd....

    Ha,ha,ha...I have the same chart...somewhere...oh yeah, over the rainbow
  16. indicabush

    Cannabis Plant Problem Flowchart

    Your welcome :-o
  17. indicabush

    America Is Giving Away The $30 Billion Medical Marijuana Industry

    Why? Because the feds are bogarting the weed, while Israel and Canada are grabbing market share. Link:
  18. indicabush

    Sessions, Sessions, Sessions

    Sessions Targets Immigration Protections As States Consider Sanctuary Policies For Marijuana California Governor Jerry Brown is pushing back against Jeff Sessions, telling reporters that the attorney general acts "more like Fox News than a law enforcement officer." The comments came after the...
  19. indicabush

    Oregon Funds Police Grants To Tackle

    UPDATE: Oregon lawmakers have dedicated an extra $1.5 million to local law enforcement agencies for the purpose of combating illegal cannabis businesses in poorer counties. Several counties that may receive portions of the funding include Josephine, Jackson, Curry, Coos and Douglas, all in...
  20. indicabush

    Oregon Funds Police Grants To Tackle

    Oregon funds police grants to tackle marijuana black market Oregon has been facing scrutiny from members of the federal administration for illegal marijuana market activity, and on Saturday, the last day of the legislative session, lawmakers took another step forward in addressing those...
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