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  1. ezenzyme

    Light green leafs and maybe wind burn?

    @Aquaman he is the on who knows coco
  2. ezenzyme

    First organic soil grow help with down to earth nutrients

    how much dirt you trying to make?
  3. ezenzyme

    Light green leafs and maybe wind burn?

    youve got a buncha different problems, heres somethings we need to know to help get your farm back on track!! 1. Are you growing from seed or clones? 2. How old are your plants? 3. How tall are your plants? 4. What size containers are they planted in? 5. What is your soil mix? 6. How often do...
  4. ezenzyme

    My Son Is Having Problems With Seed

    Happy frog can be hot, you can mix it out with peat or coco, and rice hulls or pearlite 1/6 ea to help cool and fluff up the dirt. I like soak over night, paper towels till tiny tail plant 1/2 deep and mist with sprayer till they come up, then start water gingerly and keep misting every outher...
  5. ezenzyme

    found a little white spot on a leaf

    pics of the whole plant would help, one spot could be anything but if you cant rub off its not WPM so dont sweat. Is this happening on more of your plant?
  6. ezenzyme

    Help with seeded calyxes, please!

    Do not grow out hermies seeds unless you want hermie plants, i would make hash with it smoke will be harsh and. in the feature, kill all herms upon identification, always have back up starts, better to have and not need than need and not have. Your plant prolly has flowers where you cant seem...
  7. ezenzyme

    Bloom Bud Builder & Flower Hardener Plant Nutrient and Supplement

    Look at the chemicals present in the nutes, lemme guess.... mono potassium phosphate, and potassium sulfate, possiably some B1. look at the back, check it out, look into those chemicals, bacteria and all the crazy crap. You can buy these chemicals at pennys on the dollar and mix your own. Bill...
  8. ezenzyme

    From sugar to ish in 3 days. Heat Stress???

    Burned the crap outta your baby by putting it from inside to outside without acclimating
  9. ezenzyme

    Korean Natural Farming (knf) Master Cho

    Effectieve Microorganisms Chos proprietary blend
  10. ezenzyme

    How screwed am I, for real

    twist one up, have a puff, kick your feet up, looking good man dont put any top dressings on and go easy on the food your not going to be able to do a real flush. Plant looks great
  11. ezenzyme

    Here’s One More Defoliation Question

    no way dude, your plant is as clean as you could want it. me personally i leave everything not in the dirt thats getting light, if the top is getting light strip up the branches. But on the real, put your snips away, light up a doobie and kick your feet up
  12. ezenzyme

    Wpm need help with peroxide

    Dilute by 50 percent, i.e one bottle 3% and fill the bottle up with water and bam. But lemme tell ya your going to need something more than peroxide, if your seeing tell tale signs its probably everywhere and in all your plants. Stop feeding any and all sugars, and i would actually use peroxide...
  13. ezenzyme

    Early color change, any advice?

    How long do you like to run N? I have so far done only a tiny bit of N during flower with high P and med K for most of flower and coming strong with the K at the end
  14. ezenzyme

    Early color change, any advice?

    YO! Dont feed your flowering plants a buncha N, its called healthy fall colors, you actually want this to happen. Feeding too much N is flower is a killer, were only a few weeks out and by the end your plants will have changed color, i know its hard to watch them turn colors but this is only...
  15. ezenzyme

    Looking to try out a new bloom compost tea and wanted to check opinions on Langbeinite

    you can actually run molasses more often in the form of a compost tea, a true AACT will have pre digested all the sugars turning sugar into millions of bacteria. But if you put all the amendments into it your going to wreck the biology of it, too hot and it burns back the bacterial bloom
  16. ezenzyme

    Looking to try out a new bloom compost tea and wanted to check opinions on Langbeinite

    i would drop all they dry stuff and only use compost molasses and a lil bit of fish, a dash of humic and fulvic would help! Use those dry ammendments and scratch them in with the exception of legbenitie and azomite. Azomite i would only use in my ammending. You need K? Potassium sulfate!!
  17. ezenzyme

    bottom branch separating from main stalk

    i like to cut bamboo and run it across from branch to branch right around where you have photographed, use zip ties and support the branch, i also highly encourage you to drape some trellis on your plants, those branches will break if not properly supported
  18. ezenzyme

    Is she ready for flower guys?

    you seem to have got them back from the brink, but on the real you must nail your timing right for indoor growing, i would have a mom to pull consistent clones off of, and the real key thing is to start with healthy plants and train them to the max, top em a few times tie down the tops after a...
  19. ezenzyme

    No till regenerative

    yeah, i always preach preventative gardening, really checking out and getting deep into the environment and the rhythms of that area. In your area its humid and moist from your proximity to the river, and on top of that you get a high amount of rain fall that tells me that you have a high chance...
  20. ezenzyme

    No till regenerative

    i have a feeling your issues are drainage related, whats the bottom of your pit look like? How much do you water, and how much rain do you get?
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