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    For Sale Seeds from Breeders

    Do you still have queen sugar from thug pug.? How about don mega from Solfire?
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    Ever Heard Of 40-50% Thc Strains?

    This is a pretty old thread but still had to chime in. @Jimster is right you’re using your young self as a measuring stick and comparing strains that were absolute garbage with ones that were pretty fire like afghani and Hindu Kush. But also the biggest point is terpenes. Thc% is not the end all...
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    where is everyone getting Seeds!!!

    I have bought hundreds of packs of seeds for all the main seed banks. I don’t really fuck with small time backyard breeders. I like to buy packs breed by the biggest most successful names in the game. Every pack has multiple keepers and the genetics they use are always real.. Here’s a list of...
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    Sterile Reservoir for multi-feed(auto irrigation) in Coco

    Basically what I’m doing now is once a week I flush. So I make that flush low PPMs but high in bennies! I like recharge as well. Terragrow is also a great product! Not only has bennies but has the food they need to thrive! I also use Plus-C as part of my weekly flush. And yeah pump and wand...
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    Sterile Reservoir for multi-feed(auto irrigation) in Coco

    Now you got me wondering what other microbes are “meant” for reservoirs. I’d imagine Hydroguard would be one. Also to clarify, mammoth doesn’t leave a nasty buildup in the system? Hate how pricey it is but if that’s the case might be worth getting for some weekly treatments. Also, I’m curious...
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