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  1. NairnM16

    Wats the best strain out there

    Gelato or runts are top tier atm
  2. NairnM16

    Plants continue to yellow. Need help

    Them hydro metes gave the sensors on the lower back try raise it off the soil for a mor accurate reading of the room
  3. NairnM16

    Give me a frosty strain that is stable and worth running in my 4x4

    Don’t just buy a strain and hope it’s good, it’s all in the phenotype, u can pop 10 of the same strain and all 10 will be different find the one pheno u like and keep it as a mother, pop a few seeds when they are big enough take clones from each seed label them and send the clones into flower...
  4. NairnM16

    How to ph coco effectively

    Last season one of the farmers one here helped me threw the whole coco feeding system making me aware that it doesn’t retain moisture so there a lot more forgiving in that, He broke it down to root training in coco to build a thicker stronger root system, I’ll read threw these threads, I love...
  5. NairnM16

    How to ph coco effectively

    I let me ph range differ from the chart below so uptake all nutes every week, My last run went well only problem was heat from my lights Doing my first auto run this season so no room for mistakes early
  6. NairnM16

    How to ph coco effectively

    That’s flower the bottom grid is veg
  7. NairnM16

    How to ph coco effectively

  8. NairnM16

    How to ph coco effectively

    Advanced nutrients jungle juice 3 part And all the additionals like b52 nd synsime all the extras I’ll send my feed chart
  9. NairnM16

    How to ph coco effectively

    I’ve got 6 of these meters, it’s to measure the moisture really but all them are reading near 7.5/8 in ph
  10. NairnM16

    How to ph coco effectively

    I’m using this coco,
  11. NairnM16

    What is the 1 thing you wish you knew when you started

    When I first started I was following the information on the bottles so In my head I was feeding 2 plants 3L each so I’d mix the nutes at 2ml per L so I was adding 12ml of nutes to my 6L total sending my ppm away over 3000 I was toxifying my plants, keep the ppm low nd you can’t go wrong start...
  12. NairnM16

    How to ph coco effectively

    I’m trying to lower the ph of my coco before putting my seeds down I’ve been running plain water ph to 5.8-6.5 to try and balance the soil out Any tips? should I keep running water threw it till it lowers? Any tips
  13. NairnM16

    Should I scrog my plants at this size

    Scrog nets are god sent This is a photo from my last run I like to scrog 1ft above the top of the pot and add the second on .5ft on top of that
  14. NairnM16

    White widow auto flower 4x4

    The beans
  15. NairnM16

    What is the 1 thing you wish you knew when you started

    I’m making this post for the new people who are looking for knowledge from more experienced growers, The 1 thing I wish I knew at the start was higher watts don’t mean higher yeild Ppm is one of the most important things to keep track of
  16. NairnM16

    First Time Grower - Paranoia Brain Dump

    First go smoke some bud bro chill out Your plants look fine, how big do you want the plants? 3 gal pots look fine for your tent, You want high humidity in veg, If it was flower then I’d worry aim for 60-80 humidity in veg lower that to 50 start of flower and down to 25-40 late flower, I’d...
  17. NairnM16

    White widow auto flower 4x4

    Prep done for the autos going down everything is clean and hooked up Coco comes tomorrow with some soil ph/ moisture testers I’ve went with 6 5gal fabric pots as one of use mentioned Thanks for all the help keep everyone updated
  18. NairnM16

    So I've got these seedlings

    Bag seeds are the best for testing new methods, like supercrop lst scrog anything so you learn how the plant grows without ruining any high grade fem seeds, I popped a few bad seed to work on root training in coco nd to force some high stress training without care of hurting the plant
  19. NairnM16

    Spider Farmer Giveaway, Looking for SE5000 Tester!!!

    I was saving up for this light, until last minute bill got in the way guess I’ll be flowering with my t5s this season haha, one day I’ll get a spider farmer will be the best day of my life
  20. NairnM16

    Are these babies trying to hermaphrodite

    According to Google and others people’s opinions Bruce banner likes to fox tail in the last 2 weeks, seems pretty common I wouldn’t worry
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