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  1. NewGrower777

    White Widow High CBD Autoflower Project: Replies Appreciated!

    Hello! I am a first time grower seeking to find good high CBD/low THC medical marijuana strains, preferably autoflowering. Any input is appreciated. My set-up: Lighting: 600W LED light Soil: potting soil Fans: two household fans to move air Humidifier: old fashioned 'vaporiser' type...
  2. NewGrower777

    Cannibus Drying?? Not enough humidity and have read everywhere that you should not put a humidifier in grow tent??? what do i do

    My humidity is also 'low', but not nearly as low as you in the Western states. When I lived in Colorado the humidity was so low that if I left my Mennen deodorant stick out overnite without the cap on....the next day it would be all shriveled! I am working hard to keep the humidity in the low...
  3. NewGrower777

    Intro- Feedback Appreciated!

    Hello Everyone! I am a 63-year old first time home grower. My goal is to set up a home growing system for medical marijuana. I have some specific ailments that I feel high CBD/low THC marijuana will help. Actually, I haven't smoked any weed since the late 1970's! I understand that THC levels in...
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