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  1. ronvmpc

    Day 21 Of Flower

    Stacking up nice.
  2. ronvmpc

    Purple Knuckles

    Did u make that cross? Can't wait to see a full size plant.
  3. ronvmpc

    Night Owls In The Garden -a Club For Evening Gardeners

    an all nighter of battlefront. Man that t day feast nap was great. Who else is on that battlefront tip?
  4. ronvmpc

    Been Sick

    Damn Sea. You've been my favorite farmer for years. You'll be in my heart. Stay up!!!!!!!!
  5. ronvmpc

    Killing Spider Mites - What Works Best For Me

    Google green cleaner for mites.
  6. ronvmpc

    Creme Fraiche

    sup guys. I didn't finish pics on the room that was in bloom because we had 2 testers hermit which we didn't catch till it was to late but the room with those blue dreams is at week 6 and is going off. Just placed 13 cc in the room that was later in flower tonight so we should have a good run in...
  7. ronvmpc

    New Zealand Bound....

    That's an epic place to burn one. I've been to a lot of places on this beautiful planet people are some reason inclined to destroy, but New Zealand is easily #2.
  8. ronvmpc

    Identify This Lil Bugger

    Almost positive u can order l bugs online
  9. ronvmpc

    2 Weeks 4 Days Into Flower (pics)

    Show us some lights off pics. We''l be able to give u a better opinion.
  10. ronvmpc

    Just Hit A New Milestone - 5.4 O

  11. ronvmpc

    Just Hit A New Milestone - 5.4 O

    I hate u
  12. ronvmpc

    Predatory Bugs?

    one spray that i like to use is green cleaner and hopefully this won't jinx me... "liked to use". I swear by it when bugs enter the garden and it will dust spider mites of ur plants like they were dead skin. Use a second time to kill eggs. then i used it a third just in case. It also handled a...
  13. ronvmpc

    Predatory Bugs?

    I've used lacewings with great success. Both with mites and root aphids. They will take a couple weeks to work but once they start reproducing kiss your insect problems good bye. As far as nematodes I personally never used them but friends have told me great things. What insects are u having...
  14. ronvmpc

    Trying Cyco's Coco Pearlpearl

    Like the fatty in the middle
  15. ronvmpc

    Prayers For Brother Loran And All Affected By Butte Fire

    Glad your alright man. You'll come back twice as strong. Stay up man!
  16. ronvmpc

    Creme Fraiche

    Nl#5 x ss 1/2 gl pot CC x lbl #3 & #1
  17. ronvmpc

    Another test... CCxLBL

    As promised. nl#5 x ss. 1/2 gal pot. #3. Sorry bout the blur. #1
  18. ronvmpc

    Creme Fraiche

    Sup guys back in action as far as the computer goes. Here's some pics. One room has 2 has 600's and the other has gavi's. First day of flower for those blue dreams. Little messy but you'll get the idea of the new setup. That 1st room is at 3 weeks and currently being used as a tester room. Next...
  19. ronvmpc

    Another test... CCxLBL

    Alright. Finally got a computer. Things have changed a lot around here. Cropping out once a month with a full time job isn't fun. HAHA. Anyways. I have a few #3's going and 1 #1. This is the new flower we slapped together but next run will be these #1's I need to hurry up and transplant cause...
  20. ronvmpc

    2015 1st Place Cbd Flower

    word. Congrats fam.
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