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  1. gisisi

    WA growing laws
  2. gisisi

    American Weed on Natgeo

    I don't know what the Right has to do with it. Where is the Left standing up for individual liberty?
  3. gisisi

    Reeferman's Love Potion Line????

    What are the guaranteed analyses?
  4. gisisi

    Numbers and enforcement

    Nice phrase. I'm going to use that with my wife.
  5. gisisi

    Numbers and enforcement

    Thanks Unit541 ...but it sounds like the neighbors in El Paso county suck ;) Thanks again CoCoMMJ
  6. gisisi

    Numbers and enforcement

    Thanks Green Mopho, SoCoMMJ, and ttystikk - sorry I missed you in my last post ty. So El Paso county is no good. Any other counties to avoid? Lenient counties?
  7. gisisi

    Numbers and enforcement

    FromGrotoFlo, monkey5, all previous: Thanks for dropping in. I started this thread because a while back, I got a wild hair and decided to care about plant numbers. But trying to grow with that few plants is inefficient, and bugs the crap out of me. I think for my relatively small...
  8. gisisi

    Numbers and enforcement

    TK, putembk, SKH, Mogrow, and all previous, thanks again. You are all doing your job by validating my own thoughts ;) We're on the second page and no one has had an "I got in trouble for 7 plants" story. So far, so good.
  9. gisisi

    Numbers and enforcement

    CM, RMB, SH: Thanks for the input. Looks like you are all early risers like myself.
  10. gisisi

    Numbers and enforcement

    This thread is to collect information about patients, caregivers, and plant numbers with regard to enforcement. If you have a personal anecdote, or can reference an article, please do. I am curious as to whether or not law enforcement, once they are inside your door, want to see your...
  11. gisisi

    Transplanting soil plants into coco??

    If they are rootbound in their current pots, go ahead.
  12. gisisi

    Red Card renewal

    There is a lot of talking past each other on this thread. Does anyone have a story about getting a knock, showing their rec only, and waving goodbye to the cops?
  13. gisisi

    1.2 x .12 x 2m how many whats ??

    If the lights are air cooled, with separate ventilation for the tent, no major heat problems. What are getting with the 600W?
  14. gisisi

    10 Blue Dream Trees - 11kw Vertical

    Floramite and Avid work so well, I would not toss the plants. Make a solution and dunk them.
  15. gisisi

    ph up , whats a replacement

    Here is a source of sodium silicate:
  16. gisisi

    ph up , whats a replacement

    Sodium silicate will not change your NPK. It is commonly known as water glass, and is supposedly available at auto part stores, though that has no been my experience. It is also a common ingredient in silica additives and pH up.
  17. gisisi

    Which is better - coco or fytocell?

    I have since looked at it and it is definitely not STG. It looks interesting to me, particularly because it is claimed to be compostable, which is what I do with my coco.
  18. gisisi

    Which is better - coco or fytocell?

    I wouldn't expect to hear folks on the coco coir forum to recommend fytocell over coco. Isn't that the same material as sure to grow?
  19. gisisi

    need help to get best nutrients for flood and drain system

    Using a 1 part like Ionic, GH Maxi series or GloraNova, etc, will make topping up very easy. Anything will work, though.
  20. gisisi

    switching to croutons need help with watering schedule

    I wouldn't use croutons DTW. I have tried this before with dutch buckets and could never keep most of the medium moist.
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