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  1. MilkyTrichomes

    THC increase 50% yield 30% 11 dry days in the 7th week of flowering

    I appreciate the info but it’s way over this simple country boys head.
  2. MilkyTrichomes

    ChillLED vs HLG RSpec LED Panels

    Can’t you move the power supply out of the tent? I’ve got a smaller version HLG and I mounted the driver outside.
  3. MilkyTrichomes

    mites and aphids!!!!! please advise

    I hope you meant to write H2O2 instead of bleach. I use hydrogen peroxide occasionally and get good results. DrBonner’s soap w/peppermint oil. I believe vegetable oil will kill mites also.
  4. MilkyTrichomes

    Am I on track with flowering?

    The plants look healthy and happy, relax and enjoy the journey.
  5. MilkyTrichomes

    18 hours too much light for my plants?

    I don’t know that plants can tell time, I think they have received all the light they can take for the day (DLI).
  6. MilkyTrichomes

    Growing techniques Auto vs. Photos

    Some say don’t top but some growers can get away with it. There are so many personal views it’s hard to get a consensus. Just ask about lights/nutrients/IPM ect. and you’ll get the gambit, who's right and who's wrong? I say experiment and learn from them.
  7. MilkyTrichomes

    Growing techniques Auto vs. Photos

    Also auto’s tend to be smaller because of limited veg cycle and in turn generally need less food.
  8. MilkyTrichomes

    bottom branch separating from main stalk

    Quote of the day…When you raise monsters your gonna see carnage.
  9. MilkyTrichomes

    Is this worth saving please?

    If you toss it ya got nothing, I’ll walk a mile to save a plant
  10. MilkyTrichomes

    SOS - Unknown illness - Gorilla Glue AUTO

    A good quality pH/EC pen is worth it’s cost. It eliminates guessing. I use BlueLab combo w/soil probe, kind of pricey but now I KNOW pH of feed solution and soil.
  11. MilkyTrichomes

    nematodes how many do i need

    I just ordered 5M for around $20. I think its cheap insurance, not a complete IPM program but takes care of what I can’t see in the soil. I use blue and yellow sticky traps to tell me whats crawling/flying around.
  12. MilkyTrichomes

    Confirmed: I'm Screwed... Aren't I?

    Don’t beat yourself up too hard, look at it as a learning experience, a mistake that you will never repeat!
  13. MilkyTrichomes

    seedling growing sideways. NEED HELPP!!

    Put some air across those leaves to strengthen the stalk
  14. MilkyTrichomes

    seedling growing sideways. NEED HELPP!!

    Maybe support it with a thin wire or wood stake. I use cotton string and clothes pins. When you transplant, bring new dirt up higher towards the first leaves.
  15. MilkyTrichomes

    Wall mount fan grow hack

    This is what makes this forum work! Thanks for posting, great idea
  16. MilkyTrichomes

    Nitrogen toxicity in meph autos from plain FFOF

    A little bit of Mammoth P or recharge?
  17. MilkyTrichomes

    Worm Farming Aka Vermicomposting!

    I’ve had good luck with Uncle Jim’s worm farm, strong viable worms and great castings
  18. MilkyTrichomes

    Worm Farming Aka Vermicomposting!

    My worm bins, 5 gal buckets are outside because of the smell and I get lots of bugs/critters. I don’t want to use this for my indoor plants because of eggs/larvae. How do you handle castings raised outside?
  19. MilkyTrichomes

    Plumber's Pipe

    Fellow SoCal grower here. Those are monarch caterpillars. We plant milkweed to attract them away from our girls, they seem to prefer milkweed over cannabis. Also works with some aphids.
  20. MilkyTrichomes

    Caught this bee chilling with my girl

    It might be stuck to all those trichomes 🤣
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