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  1. Og_punkgenetics

    Flower room almost finished with it upgrades

    Made some powered upgrades, and added emergency back up lighting and transfer switch (generator). Getting my automated watering system in about a montGetting my automated watering system after the next round.
  2. Og_punkgenetics

    Hells Angel og and wedding cake in the veg riom

  3. Og_punkgenetics

    Hops latent viroid- the epidemic no one is talking about

    Hops latent viroid is no joke so its good to keep your eyes open as its symptoms are very subtle at first. In veg it makes branching very brittle and new growth comes in smaller than normal. The reason why I am bringing it up is because in the state of California in 2019 every single major...
  4. Og_punkgenetics

    Testing my new crosses outdoor

    This girl here is a cross between vanilla frosting and Kush mints, late start this year but she's loving the sun
  5. Og_punkgenetics

    Blueberry muffins room two down

    Took room 2 down last night, decent strain, great terps but don't think I'll run her again.
  6. Og_punkgenetics

    Mazar and kush mints cross Im working on

    This is a recent cross I've done of Mazar Pheno that I've had for nine years and kush mints (Rabid hippy cut) this is the keeper Pheno
  7. Og_punkgenetics

    Field of dreams (kush mints)

  8. Og_punkgenetics

    Scoops x kushmints day 29f

  9. Og_punkgenetics

    Scoops by exotic genetics (pcg cut)

  10. Og_punkgenetics

    New to forum

    Hey all Just joined about an hour ago. I've been growing for a number of years outdoor in the 80's and 90's in 2002 i started doing indoor in my garage. In 2005 i went through chemo and a bone marrow transplant and started making inroads to sell my hvac biz and do this for a living. I started...
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