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  1. showmegreen

    One of my plants is a hermie, week 8 flower, what to do?

    Food for thought: pollen is very fragile and hydrophobic. A mist of water will neutralize the pollen. Also the ballsacs will open at night. Or what they think is night. Always a lovely surprise to see bananas dropping dust on a once lovely bud the day before. You can toggle your buds growth with...
  2. showmegreen

    Northen Lights auto stretching problem

    All modified (human intervention)plants have a plausible possibility of unstable genetic mutations. Autoflowering variants are not immune from a retroactive desired outcome. Being said... that outcome is up to you, the plant and, to the whim of that Great Magnet in the flux. I say embrace it...
  3. showmegreen

    Help leaves are yellowing off !!!

    I think she's a tellin you she about done bubba.
  4. showmegreen

    Need your help peeps. Root bound problem

    I'm confused on the roots growing up? Roots grow in all directions bubba. How is that a problem? Are you saying they are so rootbound that the roots are growing out of the pots? Did i miss something? If they are that root bound and they aren't auto-flower... get you some super thrive, some RO...
  5. showmegreen

    Super cropping gone wrong or not?

    I've done way worse!! They love a little abuse. It makes them better in the long run. Besides they get pretty bored just sitting there stress free. It can turn "plain ol' Jane" into Miss Mary Jane Super Weed.
  6. showmegreen

    Any guesses what my yield will be on these 3?

    Make oil outta it. After expressing oil I put waste trim matter in with compost. I uproot whole plant and hang upside down in room with under 50% humidity fer a week-ish. Trimming buds hear and there. When large fan leaves fall off at the touch easily... take trimmed buds off main branches...
  7. showmegreen

    Second grow with the nectar!

    Im not seeing any pics. Are they clones? From seed(This matters a bunch when it comes to nute amendments)? Soil or .?. (Matters also immensely) lighting (spectrum color, wattage and distance matter with nutes because of salts and acids in leaves changing transpiration effects with light, heat...
  8. showmegreen

    Please help me figure out what is wrong

    You got root issues. Either by TOO much shit in yer mud. Or it is from micro organisms. Plain and simple. Ive been growing fer years and years and years kids. These wonderful little ladies are WEED fer a reason. Abuse them, they do great. Over pamper (expecting incredible results)... and you get...
  9. showmegreen

    Male or Female having a hard time sexing

    That thing has got balls son! BALLS!!
  10. showmegreen

    Curling leaves at 8 weeks old.

    hmmm. Im glad you splained two me witch pot was witch cuz i was lostted fer a min. Thunkered two hard an thot it was tha uther wayz arounted.
  11. showmegreen

    Curling leaves at 8 weeks old.

    She should be just fine. But I would look fer yer meter bubba. Them things will give you a lot of answers.
  12. showmegreen

    Taking over in the middle of a Cluster [email protected]

    Tha nanners aint the end of the world. A few seeds in yer chronic aint a horrible thing. Yeah lights off fer a spell then 12/12. Wouldn't go too crazy on mutes. Not even half strength if they 6 ½ weeks plus in. Its really about weenin time and flushville. You got what?.. 5 weeks left? 3weeks...
  13. showmegreen

    Curling leaves at 8 weeks old.

    what do you mean different pot? Bigger? Smartpot? Taller? What is yer temp and ph of rain water? When you transplanted were there any difficulties/damage to roots? Its gonna take a few days for the plant to recover from transplant stress. Especially if you didnt preemptively implement stress...
  14. showmegreen

    Best soil to use?!

    I swear this thread sounds like a commercial for fox farm! What ever happened to.making your own soil?
  15. showmegreen

    Need Some Help, Can’t Seem To Pin Point The Nutrient Issue.

    Ph is/was off due't tha squirrel in them fan leaves. Looks like a mag problem to take a swing addit. There is no such thing as a cal/mag deficiency. It's either calcium or magnesium. They jus think thems smarter ta slap them togedder. I'd bring ph roun 6 ta 6.2 uptake gits better imo. But I'm...
  16. showmegreen

    Advice Please - "widow Cheese" Week 6 Of Flower, Hard Life Now Stunted Growth

    Dude... How can anyone give any advice on what they cant see? Only thing I can say is, they call it weed fer a reason. It is a very resilient and tough plant. Sometimes, tough times can bring out the good in things. You might not get the best yields. But you might get a better quality or smell...
  17. showmegreen

    Why Does This Happen Ever Other Day

    My first thinkin was over watering. An them black pots heat up the water in that there soil. Plant'll prit much stop transpiration to prevent damage from hot water. But it will keep fluid in leaves an such, prayin for a breeze to cool er oft. This will cause slow growth. Put a dang fan on er in...
  18. showmegreen

    Week 5 Nute Burn (possibly Potassium?)

    The gnats are a sign that yer roots are hurt in. You lettin yer medium drain and dry up good before you water again? Roots need to breathe. Especially in flower. Too much moisture and you get funguses, molds, and gnats. No bueno.
  19. showmegreen

    Issue With My First Grow / Worried And Desperate

    I' let them dry out for a bit. Flush in another two weeks. Get some dry air flowing gently. Play them some pre 30's orhestra music. Sumptin about the Hertz frequency. Make them happy. Talk to them. It ain' crazy. It works! They call it weed for a reason. I think you are loving them to death...
  20. showmegreen

    Issue With My First Grow / Worried And Desperate

    Dude!! Have faith in tha lil bud that could!! Who knows, they could become the most potent lil buds you ever soked on. Who knows. Yeah don't water then too much. Like homeboy said when they are light when you lift them. They need oxygen down there. Them roots need to breathe. If your soil was...
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