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  1. QuantumGen

    The Pollen Chuckers Club! Homemade Crosses only...

    How'd that FPOG x colombian gold landrace turn out? Ever grow it out? Take any pics?
  2. QuantumGen

    I'll Never Do That Again!

    Cut it with a solvent
  3. QuantumGen

    Is The Water You Use The Best It Can Be? Structured Water. Why? And An Easy Diy

    To think that science knows all the answers don't kid your self if we did we should of reached the stars 100 years ago and guess what were never going to reach the stars Ever were locked in this planet whats keeping us safe above us is also keeping us from leaving anytime soon...
  4. QuantumGen

    Everything Was Going So Well Then Root Aphids....

  5. QuantumGen

    Everything Was Going So Well Then Root Aphids....

    How did you hear all the water?
  6. QuantumGen

    Everything Was Going So Well Then Root Aphids....

    Why is no one using Mycotrol ESO or a product containing Beauveria bassiana? Boom. Dead bugs. Bugs are so defeatable. The thought of me makes them tremble.
  7. QuantumGen

    Anyone using humboldts secret??

    Ive used it. pretty sure its just a stsbilized liquid seaweed extract(extracted with potassium hydroxide). its a catalyst.
  8. QuantumGen

    Posting With Reservation.

    Ive had similar weird looking results from both. The groth tip changes what it is producing when you induce flowering. So when you reveg(take clones @that point) those ramifications to the growth must g-r-O-W out before the new, normal growth is produced. My take. I could easily be wrong with...
  9. QuantumGen

    Posting With Reservation.

    Either way, its either you took a clobe in flower, and its growing out or you used too much hormones an the plant is reacting.
  10. QuantumGen

    Posting With Reservation.

    Also did you take clones after inducing flower?
  11. QuantumGen

    Posting With Reservation.

    What kind of hormones or gels or powder or solutions did you use on the clones?
  12. QuantumGen

    Breeding for whorls

    Also saw some double laterals on the same food leaf. Both sides of the node, from the same batch of seed. They have very dense buds and nestled calyxes. Large calyxs development as well. Next node appears to be normal.
  13. QuantumGen

    Breeding for whorls

    Saw this and thought of this thread. Found some odd whorleing. One quad and a tri. At the tips of the laterals, on the same node.
  14. QuantumGen

    The Terpenes Of Cannabis, Their Aromas, And Effects

    When i asked this in a different thread i was steered tward centerfugal separation or steam distillation.
  15. QuantumGen

    Manganese and/or phosphorous deficiency.. I think?

    Shit, i just notices how old his was. I nneed to start checking the dates.
  16. QuantumGen

    Manganese and/or phosphorous deficiency.. I think?

    Flush, not water. With at least 100% runoff.
  17. QuantumGen

    Manganese and/or phosphorous deficiency.. I think?

    When i look at the pics im thinking magnesium not manganese. Lock out, not deficiency. Over dosing or a over sufficiency of potassium can cause that. Do the leaves feel leathery (kinda dry on the inside, bit still slighty turgid((upright))? Id flush, with RO water and molasses('bout 1/4 cup per...
  18. QuantumGen

    Breeding For Pm Resistance, Etc.

    Durban poison. Colombian.
  19. QuantumGen

    Ethics In Breeding

    I would have loved to get high with this guy and talk about crazy shit. Like the ramifications of consciousness being the 5th universal force.
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