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    What up buddy. Shot ya a pm (Culture)

    What up buddy. Shot ya a pm (Culture)
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    Re-introduce Myself

    What's up folks, old and new. Took a very long hianus from the forums. Thought to stop by and see how things are going. For those of you that know me or of me, hope all has been going well. For those who don't. Pleased to meet you. Haven't fired a room back up yet but hey. I grew enough in the...
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    In Vegas. Whose Here?

    What up dude. Thanks for the well wishes. I'm at least much happier with mid 60's in December lol. That's for sure. Hope things have been goin well for ya. Peace
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    In Vegas. Whose Here?

    Moved here last month from MI. Whose out and about around here. Hmu plz. Peace
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    Ink's Illuminati Test Run

    Here's attempt #1. This is my runt Irukandji. The Big Mom is still in flower. Peace
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    Ink's Illuminati Test Run

    Currently I'm running 2 pheno's of Irukandji (Mamba x Pestilence). I'm also testing his Conquest (OG Haze #4 x Pest), Eskimo Pie (The White x Pest), and Maple's (Lemon Thai Indi x Pest). Lost a few of the seedlings due to hot soil but the remainders are getting strong. I'll start loading Photo's...
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    Ink's Illuminati Test Run

    Curious to know I'd there's any interest in seeing some of Ink's gear run here. If so, speak up and I'll start logging. Peace
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    Double Underdawg / Underdawg #1

    I also have a pack of UD#1 and a huge female DUD a week into the flip. I'll hit her with some dust for preservation purposes. Peace
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    Chem Soda (test grow)

    Damn bro, lookin good!!! Ain't seen ya around. This where u been hangin your hat these days. Best of luck with this run. I'll be staying tuned in. Peace
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    ISP's Chem D bx3?

    Took them to mid 60's somewhere in that area. I was spending almost everyday at a hospice house with 1 of my patients at the time. So needless to say, I wasn't keeping good track of things. I believe they were multi-topped. Still only ended up with 3 mains on the skunky 1 but the other blew out...
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    the white x chem 91 skunk va,pestilence,og kush,pre 98 bubba x chem 91 skunk va

    @Venom, Here's my Mamba x DUD aka Black Mamba. Love this stuff. Got 6 cuts in line to go in, in a few more weeks.
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    ISP's Chem D bx3?

    That less branchy one is your keeper bro, trust me. the alateral growing one is dank as hell. but the other is just tastier IMO. Here's a few shots of her. Somewhere in the 50-60 day range. Had alot going on at the time and didnt get pics liked i wanted. 1st pic is the branchy pheno, 2nd is the...
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    Need to know strains with highest thcV

    Silver Haze #9 from Sensi. Peace
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    ISP's Chem D bx3?

    Hey Venom. How goes it bro. I've seen you hangin out at the Island. That would be the spot to ask to see pics. I'll try to dig around and see what I have for pics of both pheno's and try to throw them up in a bit. Happy Growing ppl Peace
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    Green Crack clones

    Riots sellin S1's. Peace
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    strains in MI

    Gotta homie with a couple packs of the Strawberry Medley. But those are mixed packs you'd have to dig through. But he might come off 1 lol Peace
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    ISP's Chem D bx3?

    Few have heard of them because they are a low key company. But trust me, those D's kick out great meds. I was lucky enough to come up with the rare pheno. Less branchy, lower yield, but stinky super potent flowers. He has been working this line since '01 I believe when he got ahold of the D cut...
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    Best practice for washing your sticky hands?

    Hand sanitizer. Cleans the trimmers up good too. When I trim I have a bottle of sanitizer, paper towels, a blade to scrape, and the trimmers. All I need for it all. Peace
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    the white x chem 91 skunk va,pestilence,og kush,pre 98 bubba x chem 91 skunk va

    Mamba x DUD is going to be in my garden for a long while. Just finished a joint of my black keeper pheno. Which tastes Dieselish. Half a joint and I'm burnt lmao. Irukandji's are lookin good and goin into 2 gallon pots tomorrow. Hmm, maybe I should do a journal. At any rate lookin good Venom...
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    The real Snowcap

    Snow, (Snowcap) hangs around a few forums. Track him down and show him the pic. He'd be able to confirm it. Cool ass dude btw. Peace
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