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    brb, having a busy decade.

    brb, having a busy decade.
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    Possible upcoming changes to Michigan Medical Marijuana Act

    Four of these bills passed out of committee this morning. I think they go to the House for a vote next, if I correctly understand the procedures of these scumbags in the legislature. these bills moved forward, according to HB 4834: requires a photograph on a medical...
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    HVAC tech needed!

    Did you already buy a unit? I installed a DIY-style mini split from Active Air / Sunlight Supply last month, and it actually was a completely DIY project with no refrigerant charging or line vacuuming needed. I've been gathering photos for a thread of the install, since I haven't seen too many...
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    C.A.P XGC-1E Vs. Sentinel CHHC-1

    The fuzzy logic will turn the CO2 generator on and off quite frequently, too frequently to be safe and effective with a burner. A valve on a bottle of CO2 doesn't mind opening and closing frequently, but it's a lot to ask of a burner with gas control valves, potential pilot / ignition issues...
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    Wot the heck is this?

    Guttation is most likely what you have there. Great photos, by the way! Wikipedia says this about the formation process of this stuff:
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    Anyone been to this place?

    I've been around there off and on for a year or so. Until about 6 months ago it was mostly a place for new patients or prospective new patients to come and learn what is involved in the process to get certified as a patient or caregiver. Lately the interest of people attending the meetings...
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    Redoing the ole room

    Well, you certainly have a big room to play in! What sort of product did you use for this? I'm building some rooms soon and was wondering about the existence of an affordable rigid plastic sheeting instead of OSB or drywall. So far I've found rigid plastic sheeting in prices of $50 and up...
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    Whats the real deal?

    No, I don't think that's true. I know a few people who moved to Michigan inside of the last year or two and have patient and caregiver cards. The only requirement is Michigan residency -- state ID card and address in Michigan.
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    Michigan Voter law, about to be ruined by state senate.

    This is an old topic, but there is still discussion and disagreement around rumors that the MACC, or parts of it, may still be interested in some way like this to restrict the explosion of small growers in Michigan. For more, see various threads at michiganmedicalmarijuana dot org: I don't...
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    DUI for MMJ?!?

    Yeah, Colorado isn't alone -- Michigan has a zero-tolerance policy for THC. A Mich. Supreme Court case this past summer threw out the former policy of also testing (piss-test? not sure..) for a metabolite of THC, 11-carboxy-THC. They used to bust you for having 11-carboxy-THC, but now they...
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    People who have erradicated the dreaded spider mite for good please help.

    Mite-Rid update: I had a pretty heavy infestation originally. Lots of large webs at the bottom of the plants by the time I noticed what was really happening. Close to 100% of the leaves were affected. Flower room is 5x8 feet, and veg space is 6x6 feet, plus lots of junk in the 15x15 room...
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    People who have erradicated the dreaded spider mite for good please help.

    I recently contracted my first case of spider mites. In my case there were no outside clones or plants brought in. Almost certainly they hitchhiked in on me, after I visited a grow store, compassion club, friend's house, or something like that. I don't have a full use report yet, but I've...
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    raids in OAKLAND COUNTY

    If I was making a rational business plan for a dispensary in Michigan this year, it would definitely have to include charging $20 a gram until I had a large legal fund built up. Chances of legal action against dispensaries seem to be approaching 100%. I'm with you on the real prices though...
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    raids in OAKLAND COUNTY

    yep, for real. $20 grams on average are pretty common in just about all the dispensaries I've heard of. With a few things priced higher than $20.
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    Drying question - Please give me your experience

    That's a timely question for me also. In the past I've usually harvested in late fall (outdoor) or mid-winter (indoor), and drying has always been easy in a heated, low humidity room. Now I'm drying my current harvest in the middle of a hot, humid summer. Going on 6 days drying, whole plants...
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    VA clears path for medical marijuana use in some states!

    Is anyone aware of a downside to this, or is this all good news? One of my patients is a veteran, and currently avoiding VA healthcare when possible. I would like to tell him that attitudes are changing at the VA / VHA, but I'm not sure if this enough to make him comfortable re-visiting the...
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    first time grower needs advice!

    Regarding bagseed frequently growing hermies: I certainly agree, of course, but I recently ran about 30 seeds from a hermie-infested crop. About 4 of the 30 seeds turned out to be nice, solid females. So, if budahlova is really short on funds and has a big pile of seeds, why not try them...
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    Anyone using blumats with a rez?

    Over on icmag, Lazyman put up a 16kW grow, at least that many Blumats, and multiple reservoirs: What's your experience been with the Blumats? I was thinking of trying them, but they seem reportedly a little finicky to set up.
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    adjusting PH with 0 ppm

    I don't use RO water, but I seem to remember reading in several places that it's quite difficult to measure the PH accurately of pure RO water. IIRC, this is due to the very low alkalinity and conductivity of pure RO water. The general conclusion is not to worry about it, since the PH will...
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    USA is not a democracy

    Following up on IPlay4Keepz' criticism of money systems, check out this video if you have a few minutes, only 5 minutes long. "The government debt that is sold overseas is not money, it is YOU".
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