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    Good smart meter info.

    That dude couldnt of said it better, this is F N bull shit, i will not let them put a smart meter on my house, fuck that.
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    Whos using H&G Roots Exelerator

    Roots excel is #1, dont try other BS.
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    Advanced Nutrients

    Used the New Sensi and Connie and im pretty sure they suck, and i quit usen um. Nothing beats regular Connie.
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    Motorbreath #6 Scrog and Super Scrog,lets see what happens.

    well there comen along, i should have done ah little more scrogn, but i didnt. This is first time i did um from clone, from seed this one didnt stretch alot, but most strains stretch more from clone then seed.
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    Custom Singles Scrog --Louie Xlll OG--Valley OG--Fire OG "AKA" Raskals OG--Chem 91

    Sweet bro, lookn real good, dope singles, them Nano bongs r pretty sweet, yours come in yet? Your go n to need ah 1000w er in there.
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    wifi medi grow

    Nice, cant wait to see how they come out.
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    Greenleaf vs Advanced

    Greenleaf just copied everyone's fert a.
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    Digital Timer Problems???

    Most ever digital timers can/will fuck up once and ah while. Most of them just need to be reset with that tiny little reset button and theyll work again fine.
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    ***WARNING*** Romulan attack is imminent!!!!!

    Whats the Romulan you used about? taste and yield.
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    ***WARNING*** Romulan attack is imminent!!!!!

    Rom Dawg , Rom Cheese sound real good.
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    coco tree deficiency, lock out??

    does look like a PH problem to me, coco needs to be around 5.8 to 6.0
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    new here

    What Up.
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    WIFI autoflowered on me

    do you run 18/6 as a veg time?
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    Alien og fire !!!!!

    Dam that stuff looks real good! some of the better stuff i saw in ah while.
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    Help! Wierd Spots - Manganese?

    That looks to be the start of a K deficiency.
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    WIFI autoflowered on me

    im not worried bout run n my Wifi beans, if any auto ill just toss it, no biggy. mostly with Wifi, i just see dank.
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    How do You guys feel about vegging with 1k'S?

    8 bulb T-5's veg then 1000w Sunpulse veg for 5 to 7 days, flip um under the sunpulse for the first week, then 1000w HPS, works well.
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    WIFI autoflowered on me

    Looks good 2Dog, my thing is, is if your Raskal,one of the best Breeders in The World, why be a lazy fuck and have other people do n the most important part? is he that Rich? does he not care about the Raskals OG name? Breeders if you make dank, and want to go Lazy, just quit, dont fuck over...
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    cheese cheese cheese

    Get you some Big Buddha Seeds CheeseDawg(there cheese x Chem 91), and there Cheese is real good too.
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    Watts/lumens per square foot ?

    1000w over a 4 x 4 area is the exact ticket to efficiency and Large Yields broski's, and if you run 3 or 4 in a row, its even better.
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