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  1. 1stWidow

    First grow pics

  2. 1stWidow

    Hi I'm 5 wks into my 1st grow- White Widow *Auto

    Hi I'm brand new here. Week 5 of my first grow. White Widow autoflowers (seedsman). I've got just 2 girls in my DIY tent, under a Mars hydro TS 1000. I always ph to 6, following the directions but it half strength of Fox Farms 3 pack. Using happy frog + 30% perlite. Some LST and I've defoliated...
  3. 1stWidow

    1st Grow White Widow, week 3 of flower. What do you think?

    Hi. I'm new here and I noticed byour post bc I'm growing White Widow (auto) too. I just got hairs this week so you're way further along than me. Looks great! Being a new grower I don't have any advice just wanted to give you props it looks amazing.
  4. 1stWidow

    My introduction...

    Gorgeous pics! In new here too 🌿
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