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    Need Help! Sick Plants!

    Am using Aeon Grow Led's for my farm...
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    Best Bulb For Flower Duel Spectrum Or Hps?

    Completely running Aeon Grow Led's first is an awesome approach to go in any develop circumstance I used to run my vegetables under Led's for two weeks prior to bloom and in the wake of vegging under a blue 150w AGL these days I simply run my 8 knob t5 with 3000k globules for the greater part...
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    What Grow Method For Highest Yield In 3x3x6 Tent?

    This is great to see th use of farming LED's ...the look and increase in growth is just fine enough! Am having an Aeon Grow Led's experience and its also going great..I just wanted to be my farm like this which I attached in image and with all myfine research I got them as best Led's for my...
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    LED lights???

    2015 has bought innovation in lightning too.many different types of the LEDs are in market now of many qualities and prices.Aeon Grow has pale yellow bulbs in their entrance and it looks amazing .
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    These Led Lights Just Might Be The Future

    i saw beautiful light arrangement on a workshop arranged by Aeon Grow.those were blue an yellow ,the blue were of big size .i searched in my near by market those were expensive too.
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    Light dep..Stop pulling tarps the last two weeks?

    Id be considering switching up to that 600w hps in the future, but grow a couple crops out with those cfls see how it goes. You can always use them as supplemental light if you chose to upgrade. But i feel like id dig vegging under a couple of those guys, they put out a ton of lumens and work...
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    What Grow Method For Highest Yield In 3x3x6 Tent?

    Id be considering changing up to that 600w LED's later on, yet grow a few harvests out with those cfls perceive how it goes. You can simply utilize them as supplemental light in the event that you decided to overhaul. In any case, i have an inclination that id burrow vegging under a few those...
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