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  1. Morso

    Spider Farmer 420 Giveaway- SF Led Grow Light and SF Grow Tent

    Oooooooo. yeaaaaaa. Canada baby hit me up
  2. Morso

    For Sale Beans for sale: Gorilla Glue #4 Photoperiod, Early Miss Auto, Frankenstein Auto, G13 Auto Feminized Available.

    Where can I read up on these strains interested in The Frankenstein . And how to purchase ??? Oh yea u know of anyone with a good sour dieselthat don’t herm. Hit me with info please and thank you
  3. Morso

    Jack's Professional Recipe Recommendations?

    Do I not add magnesium sulfate or is it in with ur base jacks 5-15-26
  4. Morso

    Should I flip or wait a another week?

    Thanks for answering . The grow looks good stacked up nice
  5. Morso

    Should I flip or wait a another week?

    Hello can give the exact measurements of everything ur using from.veg until now I just recently purchased Jacks 321 recharge and trivia and looking for a good feed plan. Thanks hope to hear from you.
  6. Morso

    JACKS BACK!!! Capulators new formulas.

    What is MOST and where do I find it
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