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  1. RonaldinhoChristiano1917

    Plant is still appearing sick?

    My plant is now 6 weeks old and is growing outside in a pot. However it appears like it has some sort of deficiency. Can y’all tell what the problem might be and what I can do to fix it?
  2. RonaldinhoChristiano1917

    What is wrong with my plant?

    I’m sorry but I have no idea what you mean by +1 with don. I’m just barely learning about gardening any plants let alone these.
  3. RonaldinhoChristiano1917

    What is wrong with my plant?

    It’s been a month now since I planted my seeds. A couple weeks ago I I killed two of my plants by putting dish soap on them, but one has survived and is still growing. I know it’s probably small for being a month old but that’s because I live in the north in a very cloudy and rainy place and...
  4. RonaldinhoChristiano1917

    Used dish soap on plants, almost dead

    I planted 3 seeds 2 and a half weeks ago. So they’ve been growing for about two weeks now. It’s my first time growing so I’m just growing outside with sunlight. On some of my other plants I have spider mites so as soon as I found them on my seedlings I wiped them with dish soap. Stupidly I...
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