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  1. Cujo

    When Do I Mark First Day Of Flowering?

    Of course you start the day of a seedlings life upon the first set of leaves, would you start counting the age of a human while the baby is still in the womb. There’s a couple considerations to take into account: How long was it in a vegetative state prior to flipping to 12/12? Like us humans...
  2. Cujo

    First Time Manifolding/Mainlining

    Chemdog mainlined from seed.
  3. Cujo

    Wtc, Gg4, And Gsc

    You’re not holding that poor plant up by its stem with no root support are you, yikes?
  4. Cujo

    First Time Manifolding/Mainlining

    The general rule is: let it grow 5-6 nodes, top above the third, defoliate 1st and second node. This goes for all topping, it gives the side shoots at the third a little time to develop.
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