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    It's a trainwreck/harvest

    Super trainwreck ready for harvest ' Iam growing spome super trainwreck and its ready for harvest , its smells super duper and fat nuggets !
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    DarkStar Taste?

    Dark star iam growing some dark star now and its so amazing looking and smells awesome
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    Kananga strain !

    Hi there iam growing a KANANGA clone from congo africa , does anyone have any suggestions how to grow this plant better other than sun light and water ? I live in berkeley california its about 56 degrees at night and around 70 degrees in the day time, thanks
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    HighLanders 2009 Small cali summer grow

    kananga strain hi there i wanted to ask , iam growing the same strain outdoor,,,, any suggestions on how to grow this plant better other than sun and water ' thanks ,, nice plants by the way !
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