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  1. dannyk892009

    Distillate Cartridges Not Showing On Drug Screen

    @JWM2 Not sure my P.O. would approve of where I've been tho hahaha. Veg and Flowering greenhouses. Computer controlled light dep, a beautiful setup.
  2. dannyk892009

    Distillate Cartridges Not Showing On Drug Screen

    @JWM2 Being a medical card holder in Pima County, AZ, probabtion can't hold a positive for THC against you. It was a surprise to hear I've been dropping negative and asked if I'm using anymore. I use my pen often going through a 500mg cart every other day or so. I know potency is on the high...
  3. dannyk892009

    Distillate Cartridges Not Showing On Drug Screen

    I have been required to take 2 weekly drug screens. I've used flower maybe a total of 4 times while being required to do this. My main use is vaping, using 500mg ceramic cell cartridges. The distillate is extremely pure and potent. Viscosity is extremely thick, moving slower than molasses. I've...
  4. dannyk892009

    Let's See Your Frostiest Flowers

    Freshly trimmed blueberry kush. Thanks to a dispensary bag seed
  5. dannyk892009

    Need Help With Hermies.

    Got pics? If there are trichomes it will still be effective, just not as potent as buds without seeds. I usually make butter with the reminance of bud that had been pollinated.
  6. dannyk892009

    First Diary.

    So did they end up being more pistil to flower ratio?
  7. dannyk892009

    First Diary.

    Whaaat?!?! I could swear they looked way fatter than that. Unless a little optical illusion was at play.
  8. dannyk892009

    The Grape Snow Train Express

    It definitely sounds like an amazing cross. Hope those purple hues come through on the end product as well. Can't beat the price if you get some top notch buds.
  9. dannyk892009

    The Grape Snow Train Express

    I'm down to hop on the train and follow along. Look forward to see what you get.
  10. dannyk892009

    Plant Going Yellow

    I think you're right on with your assumption. I'm leaning more towards the potassium deficiency.
  11. dannyk892009

    The Muchacho Smoking Facility!

    Some freshly trimmed blueberry ko kush. Very pungent fruity aroma and heavy head and body high.
  12. dannyk892009

    Super Mini Blue Cheese

    Seriously? I'm saying there's not enough mini blue cheese to go around worth that little bud. Maybe a snap out the bong.
  13. dannyk892009

    Super Mini Blue Cheese

    No puff puff pass with that one ay
  14. dannyk892009

    First Time Grower/ Best Bang For The Buck /budget Grow

    Aren't they autos?
  15. dannyk892009

    First Plant Harvest.

    Those buds are pretty fat I'm going to say 7- 7.5
  16. dannyk892009

    What's Wrong With My Plant

    Give a little more detail such as what you're growing in, nutes if any, how old.... a pic under a regular light may help as well
  17. dannyk892009

    Need Help!!! Leaves Going Yellow

    Looks like potassium deficiency to me. Also upgrade to larger pot wouldn't hurt
  18. dannyk892009

    Mantis! What Do You Think About Bugs Of Pray?

    I like having a mantis hanging around. They tend to sit in one spot for long periods at times. Other than that effective.
  19. dannyk892009

    Help With My Seedlings

    To each their own... happy growing and good luck on your baby @TokaiSeed
  20. dannyk892009

    Help With My Seedlings

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