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  1. Skram0

    Coast Of Maine Supplemental Feeding Schedule With Stonington Blend Plant Food For Autoflower

    Well I did a scheduled input of bone meal at the recommended quantity. All four plants reacted badly and shitly to the addition. Some leaves didn't grow wide, a lot of brown tips, and a strange bright green streak in one leaf of a plant that eventually turned brown and dry. Nothing was the same...
  2. Skram0

    Coast Of Maine Supplemental Feeding Schedule With Stonington Blend Plant Food For Autoflower

    Ya, interesting. That info states Stonington Plant Food is only for "Extended Vegetation Cycle". But of course autoflowers don't have an extended veg cycle, mine are shooting out white hairs already at 27 days. I've already purchased some of that stuff, but not sure how and even if I need to use...
  3. Skram0

    Is this too much Wind?

    "Hot Air" could be a good thing if your lower tent is too cold. I suppose it's all relative to the situation. BTW, that picture had a $743 fan!? Are you nuts? It does look gold plated though, but way too much money for a tent. I say find a $30 walmart special. Too much air probably just means...
  4. Skram0

    Coast Of Maine Supplemental Feeding Schedule With Stonington Blend Plant Food For Autoflower

    So I just picked me up some CoM Stonington Blend for my autoflower grow. I also purchased a bag of their Stonington Blend Plant Food additional nutrient, a bag of Bone Meal and a bag of worm castings. I downloaded their feeding schedule "Canna-feeding-schedule-nutrient-chart-2020-8.5x11.pdf" but...
  5. Skram0

    Organic soil PH, Should I have to worry about? 😭

    Some say in this thread that cal-mag in organic shouldn't make much difference in small quantities.
  6. Skram0

    Fungus gnat problem

    I've always had an idea of using a sheer curtain and cut to fit over the top soil. Only about $5 to $10. It's those see-through curtains you usually put behind a normal curtain. A good see through one would let air and water through, but no bugs or eggs. Maybe a good week or two covered might...
  7. Skram0

    Let's See Your Frostiest Flowers

    My Gorilla Glue Auto 5 months ago. Had some problems with the grow. ;( But it was a damn good smoke. The next one's gonna be better. ;)
  8. Skram0

    1st grow, a little advice please

    If you let it dry out to where it's light, doesn't that kill any beneficial bacteria or microbes you're trying to encourage? The top inch or two has definitely gotta be dead at that point.
  9. Skram0

    How Aspirin Can Help Your Garden.

    Why can't I edit my previous post? This is BULL SHIT!
  10. Skram0

    How Aspirin Can Help Your Garden.

    Salicylic Acid seems to do wonders for plants. I've just been researching pre-soaking seeds and Seed Priming, using SA with mostly beneficial results, but with a few conflicting too. Wheat, rice and okra tests are below. SA experimentation dates back 10 years or so. Looks like the tests were...
  11. Skram0

    For Those Using Blurple Lights.

    Here's a really long thread from another site. Interesting read. Basically the guy determined his light wavelengths were probably out of whack. At first he thought it was the light intensity that didn't make his plants stretch. Since there are many different blurple light manufacturers, there...
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