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  1. plantlover84

    What do we have here? Bug pics

    Hey- I think the rubbing alcohol would be fine if trying to stay organic. I found this online: "Isopropyl alcohol, also known as isopropanol, is a colorless, flammable organic compound with the molecular formula C3H8O"
  2. plantlover84

    What do we have here? Bug pics

    Hey! I agree sticky pads and DE are going to be super helpful.. before you add those to the pot I would also rinse the plant off with a hose, may knock and kill a few plants that way. I'd also step up the DIY insecticide, I like the one in this article...
  3. plantlover84

    Could this be cal mag deficiency

    Hey! So if you're using RO water, there are literally 0 nutrients in that water. It has a ppm of 0, meaning no salts, which are essentially nutrients. You can use straight RO short term with no issues, but you will need to give the plants some nutrients as they grow, the soil will not contain...
  4. plantlover84

    It's Hotter Than A Rattlesnakes Taint

    Thanks. Just did a quick google for anyone else who is curious: "The plants contain a natural insecticide called pyrethrin, which, if consumed, can be toxic to dogs, cats, horses, and even children." So, sounds like they should be avoided in households with pets.
  5. plantlover84

    First timer but passionate to continue learning. I'm 5 weeks into my first grow.

    Hey Tony! They look fantastic, congrats! Looks like a great soil mix, good-sized planters, lots of light, you're doing it right :) Have you looked into training techniques to maximize yields? They are not mandatory by any means but can be fun to experiment with. I find topping is the easiest...
  6. plantlover84

    It's Hotter Than A Rattlesnakes Taint

    Interesting!! Do you know if the pyrethrin found in the chrysanthemum flower is also toxic to cats/ fish like most insecticides? Thanks!
  7. plantlover84

    I need help identifying bugs!!

    Hey there! So yes those are 100% spider mites. But no need to stress, they aren't too bad to get rid of. So first things first, we want to make their environment less habitable, so they don't continue to reproduce. as soon as you can, spray the plant with water. if it's outside, use the garden...
  8. plantlover84

    Nutrient and mosquito bits- gnats help

    Hey! So I'm no expert on this, I personally do not use mosquito bits but I know how they work. So most mosquito bits active ingredient is a biological larvicide, being the species Bacillus thuringiensis subspecies israelensis. This is basically a bacteria that eats the larvae of mosquitos and...
  9. plantlover84

    Help!!! First time grower !!!! Please…

    Hey! It looks like a watering problem to me, hard to tell if it's underwatered or overwatered from the pic as both show the same symptoms. So, if you're not sure if you overwatered it, do this quick check: Grab a wooden chopstick or similar item, and push it into the soil. If it comes out damp...
  10. plantlover84

    I need help ASAP!! Pest problems again.

    Hey! I'm thinking it's spider mites or aphids, but super hard to tell from those pics. I also suggest getting a digital microscope if you don't have one yet already. I can recommend one to you if you want! Just checked out the link you posted, cool! Did you purchase one of those insecticides...
  11. plantlover84

    My first post! Pictures from my first year of growing!

    Hey! I can see all the pics, wow great job. Your plants look fantastic!! What strains have you grown so far? Any favorites? Also if you want some tips on topping, I like this article: It's quite easy really, and so fun to experiment with...
  12. plantlover84

    Missing Dirt - Are you hungry?

    Hey! The plant is not "consuming" the soil, it takes nutrients out of the soil but that's about it, nothing that would be noticeable to the human eye. Soil is made up of minerals, organic matter, water, and air. Depending on where you live the ratio of each varies. As organic matter decomposes...
  13. plantlover84

    Newbie here first time growing outside need to know how to top plant and when?

    Got cha. Oh I know they can get huge! My girls that I didn't top last summer were insanely tall. Thanks!
  14. plantlover84

    Newbie here first time growing outside need to know how to top plant and when?

    Hey Eddiejay! So glad you found my comment helpful. Sounds like you have awesome pots set up! Plants look great. I think you're making the right call, top one and leave the other. That way you can see what you prefer, a lot of growing is just about personal preference! I'm in southern Ontario so...
  15. plantlover84

    Newbie here first time growing outside need to know how to top plant and when?

    Hey! Curious as to why you wouldn't top growing outside. I've topped and let them grow naturally, both methods have done well. Thanks!
  16. plantlover84

    Newbie here first time growing outside need to know how to top plant and when?

    Hey Eddiejay! Great looking plants, congrats. I recommend topping when the plant has 3-5 nodes, and you're totally there. Keep in mind topping does cause stress on the plant, so I would keep in mind they need 2 weeks to recover. I would start force flowering much later in the season, the start...
  17. plantlover84

    New grower who needs HELP

    Hey! I think it's smart you're starting off with a "cheap" seed to learn on. It's not worth spending big bucks on an expensive strain that you may kill. Perfect to practice on seeds you find. First things first, yes I agree with others that you need to get a better grow light. An LED quantum...
  18. plantlover84

    Cat Keeps Peeing in Plant

    Hey! How frustrating! I would suggest going to your local thrift store and buying lots of metal forks. Put them in the soil tine side up, so kitty doesn't want to jump in the pots! Doesn't impact the plants at all. I used this method when teaching my kitten not to climb my plants. It also keeps...
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