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  1. fred46

    Who Are the Best Breeders in 2021?

    lucky dog seed co
  2. fred46

    So what is your favourite purple strain and why

    i had grandoggy purps from connoiseur genetics years ago,gdp x chem d bx2,that was the yummiest tasting strain ive ever tried,easy to grow but had to watch for bud rot late in flower,wish i kept that one
  3. fred46

    anyone else a fan of connoiseur genetics??? I bought a few beans off them.....

    i grew his cheesedog and granddoggy purps years ago,the chem used in the cross was pure funky goodness and i found multiple keepers out of each pack,definately a breeder who is worth looking at
  4. fred46

    The Stankiest and Rankest Strains?

    i grew a chem 91 x stardawg that really was stinky
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