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  1. dred

    Spider Farmer SF1000 From Seed to Harvest

    not likely now have lotso light. use the sf1000 for seedlings now
  2. dred

    Growing in promix HP, watering and feeding feedback

    hp cc action here ho cc has coco coir in it
  3. dred

    Simple Promix HP hydro setup??

    i sprout all seed in promix in solo cups with holes in bottom so they can drain. small pot would work too. fill cup with promix, im usin hp cc this run. soak cup completely let sit for hour or so till water quits running out bottom make little hole with finger put in seed cover with some damp...
  4. dred

    current run in my 3x3

    thanks, getting cramped
  5. dred

    current run in my 3x3

    thought id post pic havnt posted in a while. left barney farms pinnapple chunk, right is NOS purple punch in promix hp cc na bad they starting to go now
  6. dred

    3x3 tent in a closet, air concerns

    i have a 3x3 not sure i would exhaust into attic unless you don’t care about mold i also run a 6 inch cloud line exaust and 4 inch clout intake only have to run 6 inch about 1/2 runs quieter then the 4
  7. dred

    How to make these seedlings happier?

    i would put them in bigger pots and feed them
  8. dred

    What is a good grow light for grow tent

    yes i agree i think 300 is about right i have 2 es180’s and never go much over 300watts I keep light up high for max coverage
  9. dred

    What is a good grow light for grow tent

    rule of thumb is 30-40 watts sq foot. so 300 real watts would be ok im running 360 and cant turn up all way causes light stress on most strains i had 235 it worked ok but still upgraded
  10. dred

    What is a good grow light for grow tent

    its not 1000w
  11. dred

    Let's See Your Frostiest Flowers

  12. dred

    How many watts for a 2x4 growspace

    es300 ftw
  13. dred

    White Powdery mildew anyone else?

    google white powdery mildew causes, lots of info
  14. dred

    Barney’s or royal queen

    which is better? about the same? dont want duds or herms any others that are standouts?
  15. dred

    New Old Guy

    welcome from one old dude to
  16. dred

    What i really just found a male auto

    you flipped an auto to flower?🤔
  17. dred

    Please help with how to properly use boveda packs.

    throw them in the garbage
  18. dred

    Top Before Transplant? Or After?

    i would transplant wait a week let them get established then top wait another week and flip i normally wait till 6 nodes before top guess you can do it before
  19. dred

    Spider Farmer SF1000 From Seed to Harvest

    i started with a sf1000 was going to buy a sf2000 around summer but for some reason your lights basically doubled in price for a while so I went with another.
  20. dred

    28 days into flowering/ first indoor grow

    running electric sky es180’s x2 365watts total in a 3x3 tent only running them at 275w any higher the wedding cake on right has major light stress awesome lights tho
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