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  1. Tornadohunting420

    Barneys farm Critical kush L.ST.

    Hey guys hows everyone doing well I finally decided I would veg for 3 months on 1 of my critical kush plants with I put it into a rubbermaid tote bin with lots of water holes in the bottom. Probably 25 gallon . Using promix hp soil and medi one nutes. It's in week 5 of 12-12 now . Next...
  2. Tornadohunting420

    Need help with stock question

    Hi thc farmer 1st time posting here I need some input . I'm currently doing 2 granddaddy purps outdoors in 10 g pots .1 started lst yesterday they have been topped 4 days before lst. When I came out this morning 1 was bent like this . It's at the bottom of the stock will it be ok? Will it be...
  3. Tornadohunting420


    Hello I'm new to this site just want to do things the right way so what's up THC farmer. I'm currently doing an indoor crop n a couple outdoors
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