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  1. jammie

    Going To Aruba- What’s The Weed Scene

    going in February. Was wondering about trying to bring some versus buying. Thanks for any info.
  2. jammie

    Anyone Growing Any Ethos Collective Beans??

    been seeing some pics on instagram from ethos collective that have been giving me a weed woodie. unfortunately all the pics ive seen have been breeder advertisement pics. anybody have any real world experience or pics?? thanks
  3. jammie

    How Far Into Flowering Do I Use Co2?

    i'm at week 6ish of flowering. one strain goes 9-10 weeks and the other 12. at what point does co2 loose its effectiveness? stopping would also help drop my humidity. thanks for any advise
  4. jammie

    Jammie '17- The Fallout Shelter Grow

  5. jammie

    Nutrient Management In Recirculating Hydroponic Culture

    very interesting article i came across while doing some hydroponic research-
  6. jammie

    Whats The Best Co2 Meter?

    just starting a new grow and want to add co2. lots of different choices and price points on amazon. What meter do you peep recommend? thanks!
  7. jammie

    Repent- The End Is Near

    2 rooms, 6 plants in 5 gallon dwc buckets, each under a 1k hps. i got 6 cookie wreck s1's and 6 raspberry kush. i'm at about day 65 and there at least 60-70% cloudy , so i'm going to give them a couple of days of darkness and harvest on Wednesday. ps- is this darkness thing at the end of grow...
  8. jammie

    Moxie Seed's Snake Venom

    hey guys- anybody know anything about this strain or breeder. snake venom is a cross between gorilla glue and viper city. seeing i'm a 60ish year old guy, lives on the east coast and don't know any other growers, my chances of getting a gg4 cut is slim to say the least. i'm hopeing to someday...
  9. jammie

    Snowdawg or white x snowdawg

    I've seen Some pics of the snowdawg but can't seem to find any grows or pics of the white Snowdawg . Can anyone help
  10. jammie

    cookie wreck

    day 46
  11. jammie

    lemon alien dawgs in flower

    hey all. i have 3 lad's about 3 weeks in flower. all 3 are pretty similar. got about a 50% stretch so far. tons of bud sites. hopefully some of the pros can throw out a few suggestions. the leaves are getting a little narrower in flower but still seem wider than most lad's i've seen. any...
  12. jammie

    going to panama next month

    hey all. i usually do a winter vacation in jamaiaca but this year decided to go to a breezes resort in panama. does anyone know the availability of weed down there. i was there in the army in the 70's and that was were i started smokin. but that was 35 yrs ago. how time flys when your high, and...
  13. jammie

    enviromental clusterfuck??

    hey all, not sure if this is the right forum but i was hoping some breeders could give a little advice. i was looking to get some beans from a breeder that doesn't sell on this site. he stated that an "enviromental clusterfuck" was going to affect the quantity of seeds that will be available...
  14. jammie

    happy festivus from the east coast

    hey guys- i've been comin and going for several months before i found out the i had to shout out before i could start gettin beans. o well sometimes i'm a little slow. thats what happens after smoking and growing from the mid 70's. now i do 1 indoor grow a year, usually in late feb. i start...
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