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  1. Pushrod Monkey

    The BEST strains of all time. Vote here!

    72. Been smoking since I was 14 when it definitely was not acceptable or cool. Right on the Mexican border. Been growing since I was 16. Always thought I’d retire, grow bud and stay baked. I actually do that but I grow far far more than I could ever use. I donate some to a guy in Anchorage who...
  2. Pushrod Monkey

    Which sativa do you love?

    Buy a quantum PAR meter. Seriously. One of my best purchases. Ends the wondering.
  3. Pushrod Monkey

    Which sativa do you love?

    If they’re asking here I’ll stick to advising 800.
  4. Pushrod Monkey

    Which sativa do you love?

    Anything over 800 is a waste and potentially harmful. Unless you’re running C02 in a sealed environment.
  5. Pushrod Monkey

    Which sativa do you love?

    Durban Poison. And Jack Herer. So I crossed the 2. Go to the seed sales section if you are looking.
  6. Pushrod Monkey

    What's your favorite strain/bean to use? I'm looking for the most potent possible.

    Just chopped a Sex Magic by Vashon. If you like chemical strains here’s your plant. Very heavy buds and smells like the cleaning supply section at the store. Magic Kush X Uber. Vigorous grower with thick stems
  7. Pushrod Monkey

    My inline fan died, am I screwed?

    Any building supply center should have duct booster fans. In the USA both Lowe’s and Home Depot have them in sizes from 4”-12”
  8. Pushrod Monkey

    Massachusetts Super Skunk now available on strainly

    Alaska Cannabis Cache
  9. Pushrod Monkey

    For Sale IBL Durban

    Thanks for buying and good luck. You’ll love this bud.
  10. Pushrod Monkey

    Need help not sure what is going on and have stumped multiple experienced growers

    Your watering method leaves very much to desire. Huge container but minute volumes of liquid. Suggested volume is usually 25%-33% of container volume. Allow the first few inches to dry out and not not easily support funguses.
  11. Pushrod Monkey

    Trade Jack’s Poison

    Yeah. Something like that!
  12. Pushrod Monkey

    Trade Jack’s Poison

    Looking to trade Jack’s Poison seeds. Indicas please. These are from crossing this IBL Durban with a Sensi Seeds Jack Herer. Great germination. Regular only. Seed harvested 4-20-21. Very pretty plants. Looking for strains with strong body effects. Let me know if you have anything.
  13. Pushrod Monkey

    Wanted Hemp seeds for seizures.

    Why hemp? Full plant extract from cannabis has been shown to stop seizure activity and very quickly. Retired RN here. Please reconsider. Delta-8 is not psychoactive. This is affordable and available.
  14. Pushrod Monkey

    Tricking plants into thinking there's an insect infestation, can it be done, and how...

    I snap the living piss out plants. Over and over. Twisting stems until you feel that slight “snap” as well. My buds are always hard, sticky and smell strongly. I do this starting about the 4 node after topping. I top early and do it 3 times in a row. I’m snapping before the second topping has...
  15. Pushrod Monkey

    Thoughts on up-potting during flower pros/cons ?

    Go to the big pots and supercrop the things. Very easy to do. Clones are not as easy as a plant from seed to top but that can be done to control height as well.
  16. Pushrod Monkey

    Massachusetts Super Skunk now available on strainly

    You obviously haven’t been around long. Or around the right people.
  17. Pushrod Monkey

    Massachusetts Super Skunk now available on strainly

    I also maintain Insane Chem 91 originally from Insane Seed Posse. That stuff is a crowd favorite for sure. A lot of bag appeal. It’s a popular one to grow. Sold all my seed for that one early this year.
  18. Pushrod Monkey

    Massachusetts Super Skunk now available on strainly

    I maintain an IBL Durban. It’s a pain in the ass. But I charge less than 1/3 what the original seller sold them for. His Road Kill Skunk is definitely the real deal but at $500 for 11 or 12 regular seeds? No way. I get people balking at what I charge. Those are people who need to stick to the...
  19. Pushrod Monkey

    For Sale IBL Durban

    Last call for these Durban until next summer. Have 50 left. There won’t be any more after that until Spring seed run is done next year. Here’s a winter crop for someone.
  20. Pushrod Monkey

    High THCV strains and breeding them

    $185 in Alaska for THC and contaminants. Terp profile is extra.
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