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  1. dankworth

    Sourcing Bulk Soil And Amendments?

    Hey gang. I am looking for bulk soil and amendments for an outdoor gig. Copying Humboldt local's recipe as follows. 6 bales Sunshine Natural & organic #4(3.8 cu. ft.) 6 cu. ft. Nutri Rich High Calcium Chicken Poop 4 cu. ft. Super soil earthworm castings 4 cu. ft. Pahroc perlite #4 20 lbs...
  2. dankworth

    I'm back in action

    Holy shit, you're back! Good to hear things are ok.
  3. dankworth

    UC Pro's Dream House. 8 site 20kw

    My first guess on the rust colored spots is Ca deficiency. JK said that Ca has mobility problems in trees. He foliar feeds Ca25(product with Calcium as well as triacontanol). Actinovate has beneficials that allege to fight PM among other things. If you aren't yet making EWC teas with his...
  4. dankworth

    A few shots of my rooms growing in Beds with some new strains WIFI X SOUR D and...

    The Botanicare calmag had a bunch of nitrogen in it along with the Ca and Mg. Part of the reason I nerded out on salts back in the day. Didn't necessarily want all that N.
  5. dankworth

    team deep buddy and dankworth? Where you at?!

    At some point. Someone I know says he has the infamous #3 on the way, might be fun.
  6. dankworth

    team deep buddy and dankworth? Where you at?!

    Maybe some day. Not any time soon. Thanks though everyone.
  7. dankworth

    Just how good are LEDs now?

    Anyone hitting close to a gram a watt using led lighting yet?
  8. dankworth

    wreckage 5.5K gavita, scrog+sog

    I ran it with every res through the time listed. Blows roots the hell up. Dramatic.
  9. dankworth

    wreckage 5.5K gavita, scrog+sog

    Only have used IBA in cloning, veg, and first 3-4 weeks of flowering at .3 ml per gallon of 1% IBA.
  10. dankworth

    wreckage 5.5K gavita, scrog+sog

    Don't forget the IBA and Capulator's bennies. Funny to see my name.
  11. dankworth

    Been off for a while...

    I remember your work. Good times.
  12. dankworth

    Oh My God, He Turned It INSIDE OUT!!!

    Got mine at Airgas along with tank refills.
  13. dankworth

    Infested with thrips. Suggestions anyone?

    I think Capulator's bennies have the active ingredient of spinosad in his foliar pack.
  14. dankworth

    New babies, new problems. Lend an eye?

    I am scared as fuck of clones. Taking clones from others(to me) is like fucking a hooker bareback while she injects something into me with a used needle in midair while skydiving. So I haven't run that many strains. Glad you can toss these. Fucking with eagle 20 and imidacloprid sounds awful...
  15. dankworth

    Lost Everything "please help if you can"

    Lame. So sorry to hear. Will think good thoughts for you. I know how this sort of shit makes one feel.
  16. dankworth

    MH basics

    May I ask what MH lamp you would recommend for vert use? I ran the daylight blue horti vert for a bit. Gave me a sunburn.
  17. dankworth

    MH basics

    JK, have you ever found a cheaper lamp (ideally with a longer lifespan) that duplicates the spectral output of a horti daylight blue?
  18. dankworth

    Hydro tank dreams/wants

    On my phone! Thanks for the props on the name. Been my cannabis-based alter ego since the nineties. Richard (Dick) Dankworth III to be precise.
  19. dankworth

    Hydro tank dreams/wants

    Was being a smartass. Thought about 45° angles myself. That and bending reflectix into a radius.
  20. dankworth

    Hydro tank dreams/wants

    As long as the speaker faces are mounted flush with the 45° surfaces...
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