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  1. Seamaiden

    South Africa Outdoor Grow

    I'm seriously afraid of any/all other primates on the loose. They're fine up in the trees, but I am going nowhere near them.
  2. Seamaiden

    Advice? 2 Weeks With No Growth

    I haven't measured soil pH, I do a slurry test in water using the Tetra Laborette test kit. It also tests hardness, both GH and KH. If this mix (not used before I'm assuming, a fresh batch so to speak) has been working for you in the past, and it's not cold, then at that point, yes, I would...
  3. Seamaiden

    Powdery Mildew 1 Week From Harvest. Ok To Harvest?

    That's a new one to me. Please report back!
  4. Seamaiden

    Insomnia: Then And Now...

    He knows people! LMAO!!
  5. Seamaiden

    Some Sort Of Defiency ???!

    That looks a lot like a light burn to me, like, physically heated. More information is needed. Media (soil, coco coir, peat mix?), pH of water & feed, temps and relative humidity, lighting used and photoperiod are a good start. Are these fully rooted?
  6. Seamaiden

    Hello From Denver !

    Welcome to the farm! :)
  7. Seamaiden

    Nice To Be Here. Big Hello.

    Welcome to the farm! :)
  8. Seamaiden

    Growin & Smokin in Florida

    You're most welcome, and to clarify my own position, I am + towards either/both kinds of use. I started out smoking because I *really* like getting high, not because I thought there was some medical value in it. 43 years now all told. Whether or not they reveg will really depend on how they've...
  9. Seamaiden

    Post your Organic Soil Mix

    Btw, they do look REALLY good. :)
  10. Seamaiden

    A Question On Opportunity

    There are SO MANY new courses and seminars and.. there's just so much happening right now in terms of everything you're talking about here. The legal issues, the actual cultivation issues, accounting, workers, all of it. There's too much to list. The Barry Cooper video is for something else...
  11. Seamaiden

    Post your Organic Soil Mix

    No worries, but I can see you're both excited to show off your grows and frankly, they'll just end up buried here. These deserve their own threads. :)
  12. Seamaiden

    Post your Organic Soil Mix

    Hey guys, I know it's fun to post up your grow pix, but this thread is now being filled with pages of photos instead of soil mix discussion. We would love to see your grow threads! :)
  13. Seamaiden

    Pepsi Bottle Flood And Drain Table

    I know a lot of folks say the roots MUST be in the dark, but I'm sitting here looking at my basil, which is a lot like... pretty much almost every other plant I've ever grown with regards to the fact that its roots are getting direct sunlight (filtered through window & cup) right this moment and...
  14. Seamaiden

    If You Could Relocate Anywhere In The State, Where Would It Be? Why?

    Oh, I can figure. Let me see if I can find the LA Times article for everyone. This is gonna put a big, fat, wiry hair right across your ass. Or maybe a hare, even!
  15. Seamaiden

    Those Dry Cracked Hands...

    I've had three cups of coffee now and I STILL don't get sweater kittens. Help a gal out here! Slow on the uptake? I like using words!
  16. Seamaiden


    It's in beeswax? I had no idea!
  17. Seamaiden

    If You Could Relocate Anywhere In The State, Where Would It Be? Why?

    Same down here!
  18. Seamaiden

    "Rollitup" hacked?

    Agreed. Outside cannabis law stuff, of course. :)
  19. Seamaiden

    Cali Legal!!! Wtf We Do Now

    Water rights are really only a thing if you're an actual farmer, vintner, etc, and that stuff is heavily grandfathered in. If you purchase a property on which a well is required, you'll have to go through all the paperwork to see if you get water and/or mineral rights. And YOU, my friend, just...
  20. Seamaiden

    Simple Question About Micro Nutrients In A Chelated Form

    It's a product derived from sea water and they've removed a good portion of the NaCl. It still tastes salty, but doesn't behave at all like any saltwater mix I've handled (it won't get flaming burning hot if you let water drip into the bag of dry mix). I personally like to use it over kelp when...
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