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  1. Jack og

    Something seems off GG4 8 weeks

    I say do a cal mag feed or 2, some plants feed different and have different needs. It has a phos lock, early stages look to it as well, adding cal mag will help
  2. Jack og

    2 of my sugar leaves are dying/turning brown

    Air flow and humidity , get humidity to about 50-% or less , Sprays at this stage is risky, but others may chime in. I suspect caterpillars so be vigilant and inspect well. When removing infected buds use a clean pair of snips dipped in alcohol every cut.
  3. Jack og

    Royal gold soil for sale?

    Check local areas, or Amazon but locally would be advised
  4. Jack og

    Yellowing late week 3 of flower! HELP

    Indica dominant used more nitrogen then available in your soil and or leaf stored. Add calcium nitrate foe about 3 feeding cycle. Why calnit? Plants uptake it faster and greens out without burning
  5. Jack og

    HEAT - Yes, in upper case.

    So what was the question mate? I’m a wee bit confused?
  6. Jack og

    Best genetics for clone production

    Indica dominant clones better and are much better propagated .
  7. Jack og

    How to get better color on an put door grow

    Color is based on temps during flower, if the genetics have the predisposition to have color, nite time temp drop by at least 20dgF will trigger the color changes
  8. Jack og

    Something seems off GG4 8 weeks

    Did you recently spray something? what’s the humidity been like?
  9. Jack og

    2 of my sugar leaves are dying/turning brown

    Yellowing lower leaves are ok, they are dying of old age! The up curled browned leaves are indicative of rot, if you tug it does it come off? If so look closer for caterpillars, they are microscopic and that could be the culprit
  10. Jack og

    Diesels Dog House

    Looking good brother
  11. Jack og

    Need some advice with pruning

    Yea had to take some time off due to health issues plus lost my phone so getting all that sorted out took a min! Glad to be back
  12. Jack og

    POTM Nominations - Jan 2021

    Happy New Years all and let’s get ready to grow!
  13. Jack og

    Need some advice with pruning

    topping involve High stress training techniques, one cuts off the middle off the shoot where then 2 new tops will grow. Lower stress training involve fimming, meaning pinching off the growth but leaving the shoot , which will force a second shoot as it grows out. Both are about the same and will...
  14. Jack og

    What is a h2O2 mix ratio for fungus gnats

    Usually predatory Nematode work better then anything. Google it and it’s available everywhere
  15. Jack og

    Having another issue - outdoor to indoor grow

    Well I do believe you have bugs (1) Mites. Gotta control that ASAP. 2. what is the light source? 3. what are the environmental conditions indoor? Temp, humidity etc 4. Can we get pic of the full plant to see where this effect is, is it top down or bottom up. May have a Phos lock occurring from...
  16. Jack og

    New grower

    Welcome to the farm! Looking forward to your journey
  17. Jack og

    Pindstrup Substrate

    I know of commercial grows exclusively using this with excellent results
  18. Jack og

    Pets that want to be something else...other than just themselves 😜😇🦄🦴

    Lol my dog thinks she is human! Epic attitude bro
  19. Jack og

    Mechanical Equipment Trimmers buckers, Hoes needed another word

    I wet trim with a machine in commercial operation. We hand trim anything dried.
  20. Jack og

    Update on the Ladies : temperature control

    Weekly updates will be epic. Temp wise , in veg, I run about 88-95 dgF at 60-75% humidity. Lights at 18hrs, Lights off I don’t worry too much about temp but ensure the humidity is constant. Into flower I run 85dgF lights on, humidity 50-65% lights off I drop thr humidity to 45-50%, temps to...
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