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  1. johnnyrotten

    New Dallas Law Gives Tickets For Less Than 4oz
  2. johnnyrotten

    Rand Paul To Raid Pot Summit For Campaign Cash

    Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., the most vocal critic of the “war on drugs” in the 2016 Republican presidential field, will host a “private briefing” on June 30 for campaign donors on the sidelines of the second annual Cannabis Business Summit and Expo in Denver, according to an invitation for the event...
  3. johnnyrotten

    Marijuana Legalization Texas: House Committee Approves Bill Hb 2165

    The Texas House of Representatives Criminal Jurisprudence Committee on Wednesday approved a bill 5-1 that moves the state closer to legalizing marijuana for adults, reports ABC affiliate KSAT. Introduced in March by David Simpson, R-Texas, HB 2165 would remove marijuana offenses from Texas...
  4. johnnyrotten

    Federal marijuana bill would legalize some cannabis strains

    wow...this is the last thing I'd thought I'd see...
  5. johnnyrotten

    Which BOG strain for a High Density SOG?

    Hey there, I'm looking for a bog strain that I can run in a high density microsog (4 plants a foot)...I'll be trying to run 9 in a perpetual 2.25sq ft soil bed...I have a slight limit on height, I don't want the plants to finish any taller than 16-24" with minimal veg time, possibly 12/12 from...
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    Kessil H350 Magenta

    ok, I'm thinking of doing a micro grow and I have one of these lights in storage that I've never flower space will be about 1.5' x 1.5' x 3' tall... I know these aren't the strongest LED out there with only 90w actual usage...I'm not really worried about yield, my question is will this...
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    Marijuana Is An Issue In Oklahoma Governor Race

    OKLAHOMA CITY - A Republican with nearly a quarter century in political office who has never lost an election, Gov. Mary Fallin, faces two lesser-known opponents in next week's GOP primary who have made their support of marijuana legalization an issue in the campaign. Criminal defense attorney...
  8. johnnyrotten

    Medical & Rec Grow Question

    Hey everybody, my family lives in CO...If you have a two member household where one of the members has a regular MMJ card and the other doesn't have a card, what is the plant count allowed in the house? Would it be 6 in flower, 12 total like rec? Does it matter? Can the rec grow be mixed with...
  9. johnnyrotten

    Attic setup - well kind of

    so, I'm in the early planning stages on what to do with my house in the next few years before my kids graduate to build a storage room that I can also build a grow room in... The planned location is in the attic but it's not really an attic, I have a two story home with high vaulted ceilings...
  10. johnnyrotten

    Hello to all!

    Hey there... just wanted to introduce myself...I've been lurking on this site for quite awhile, have had some grows on some of the other sites... I no longer grow or smoke either but I really miss the growing part more than the smoking... been keeping myself busy with tomato gardening, lol... I...
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