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    Electric Advice Please.

    I want to run my garden lights using ballast that are placed outside of the garden to deduce in garden heat. They will be about 20 foot , maybe 25 from the hoods . What do you think would be the best way to accomplish this seeing the hood cords that plug into the ballast are 12-15 foot in...
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    Inline blower flow - Air direction

    Is there any difference in end output if you're using an inline fan to pull air, (vacuum) instead of pushing the air (Blower) when you using closed hoods. I was told by a shop owner that the output is severely reduced when pulling the air through hoods but he couldn't explain it convincingly...
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    Air condition troubles. Need some idea's

    my problem is my garden is in a concrete room off my cellar that has no windows and only a door that I framed in. I can't punch a hole threw the foundation as they are all exterior walls. I have a 25000 btu window-wall mount frigidaire that I need to use. I grow for medical patients so there is...
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    Tap water VS. RO pro's and con's

    If you let municipal tap water site aerating a few days in barrels is there any real difference than using RO water for growing? We have some of the best tap water in the country and funds are zip for buying a decent RO system. Any thoughts.
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    Question on Nutrient strength.

    I've read several post but it seems like theres a lot of conflicting info as to how high you should push the PPM using the UC. I have a 12 bucket, 8 gal system using the full [email protected] line growing White widow max. My first grow using the UC is still going on and I've made several mistakes along...
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    UC foaming over??

    As some of you know, my UC 8-12 is up and running but after adding the nutes it started foaming so much it went over in the master bucket. Im using H&G and all was well until i added in the algen and roots and then the foaming began. It's at 500PPM so not real strong. I went out for an hour and...
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    I put most of the UC together today.

    It's a simple enough concept but it kicks your ass doing it. I bought KY jelly and yes it helps. Those rubber seals are so tight when you're trying to jam the PVC into it. Im hurting tonight and if you have a helper, use him. I did the 12 bucket system alone and my muscles are hurting tonight. I...
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    Waiting patiently, UC is in route.

    My under current 8 gal 12 site system is in route to the hydro shop. It's been atleast a ten day wait and I'm more than ready to go. I'm going to use 4,000 watts, 2 MH and 2 HPS bulbs and most likely grow out some White Widow Max. I'm going to veg under a few 8 bulb T5's for 3 weeks or so before...
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    Root support with UC

    I did it, I will soon be picking up my 12 bucket 8 gallon UC system. It's a hefty expense but seeing it a great set up out of the box I went for it. What should I use to support the roots during the early growth days? I know some people use hydroton clay but that stuff is a PIA. Is there...
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    Medical care giver says Hello from R.I.

    Hi, Im a medical MM care giver from Rhode Island USA. Im always trying to find a place that can help me better my growing techniques so i may better my patient outcome. Im here to learn and share. Thanks for having such a place...
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