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  1. WiseGorilla

    What are the top 3 strains your currently after?

    Triangle Kush Legend OG Zkittles
  2. WiseGorilla

    First Light Dep - 2015 Season

    @Green Mopho amazing work. one question though, how do you get in there to prune? it looks like its fully packed in some of those hoophouses
  3. WiseGorilla


    Southern Oregon has significantly better weather for outdoor growing. Ashland, Medford Areas.
  4. WiseGorilla

    In Los Angeles..

    You could grow full season plants with no supplemental lighting or you could also put up a mini light dep greenhouse and get two harvests with no supplemental light. If you're planting seeds I would recommend planting them indoors under a t8 or t5 light and then slowly acclimating them to the...
  5. WiseGorilla

    Greenhouse Vs Indoor

    Awesome posts Bulldog thank you for dropping the knowledge
  6. WiseGorilla

    Deps Take Longer To Flower?

    the plastic might not be stretched enough. Does it seem evenly sunny in the dep house? Its hard to tell the difference though so early. Bubba and OGs do their swelling later in the cycle I think 3 kings is related to bubba right?
  7. WiseGorilla

    Dark Heart Nursery 2015 Menu

    I would concur with bandit. The headband is the best representation of OG from DHN that I've grown. Skywalker is very nice too but Ghost was not as good as the others in the taste. Ghost does look the most swollen though. Live plant ghost, nug is headband
  8. WiseGorilla

    How To Find A Warehouse In La

    mojavegreen knows watsup. Adelanto or Desert Hot Springs to be legal. Very expensive to get in though. If you want to rent a warehouse and ignore Prop D in LA and risk getting shut down its just about calling a lot of places for rent and being straight forward with what you're planning on doing...
  9. WiseGorilla

    My Plants Are Clawing.

    ? Clawing means overfed usually. What medium are you growing in?
  10. WiseGorilla

    Long Time Indoor Going Outdoor

    update? I would love to see how this turned out
  11. WiseGorilla

    What Is The Best Light Dep Greenhouse On The Market?

    I'm debating between those two. Conley's is more expensive psf, but I would like to know what the differences are between the two.
  12. WiseGorilla

    New Member

    Welcome to the farm. There's a lot of good info out there. As for the raising humidity part you can buy one of these and set it to a specific humidity percentage using a titan controller:
  13. WiseGorilla

    Anyone Grow Dr.grinspoon?%100 Sativa.any Tricks,tips,etc..

    Not my pic but this is what it looked like when I saw/smoke it in Amsterdam. Barney's Farm in Amsterdam sells the seeds I believe.
  14. WiseGorilla

    Anyone Grow Dr.grinspoon?%100 Sativa.any Tricks,tips,etc..

    I smoked some in Amsterdam in around 2008 and it was really excellent herb. Different than anything I've ever seen, just pure calyxes very odd looking, but great heady high. I've never grown it myself.
  15. WiseGorilla

    "91 Og"?

    Skywalker and Skywalker OG are two different strains. One is an OG Kush: fuel, pinesol very distinct. The other one is like blueberry x mazar or something, completely different.
  16. WiseGorilla

    Sox's 2015 Hill

    Is the entire harvest hand trimmed? Seems like a crazy amount of work. Just wondering because I've been looking into getting a trimming machine.
  17. WiseGorilla

    "91 Og"?

    Its Pheno type not Phenol type. You've been breeding cannabis since the 1950's? Where was your family selling cannabis seeds in the 1700s? My bullshit meter is spiking high with all of your posts.
  18. WiseGorilla

    Sox's 2015 Hill

    Great thread, really like your work. Do you use a trimming machine or is that all hand trimmed?
  19. WiseGorilla

    "91 Og"?

    According to Dave Richards from that Adam Dunn show podcast the crippy is the Krytonite. That could definitely be the mother of the OGs we know today, triangle kush and josh's OG. Not sure if I believe that guy completely though.
  20. WiseGorilla

    "91 Og"?

    Can you post a picture of an OG Kush nug that you've grown? Ive tried many strains, very few compare to real deal OG
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