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    Is it really worth the hassle

    There's only one solution to this, go get your own land and stop complaining about the guy that lets you grow on his.
  2. Unhinged

    Any accoustic engineers in here?

    Saying bro science doesn't make you right. You should look into vibrations and frequencies. If they can detonate a turbine then they can piss off an insect. Go ahead, dig yourself in deeper.
  3. Unhinged


    Yeah use a timer. You will regret it if you don't, promise.
  4. Unhinged

    Accidental 24 hr light switched at bud stage

    A zip or two? Man all you saw was a small pic.
  5. Unhinged

    opinions please on these flowers

    Yeah dude smoke that shit
  6. Unhinged

    Plant count vs Plant growth

    Give each plant 2x2. 4 plants in a 4x4.
  7. Unhinged

    So, I have theory about Autos. . ...

    If anyone's being a snide dick about it.....
  8. Unhinged

    Week 5 first ever grow / How am I doing?

    Looks good, keep it up
  9. Unhinged

    Single branch with minimal trichs, Anyone ever experience this?

    You should sample it first and let us know!
  10. Unhinged

    Need some advice from experience

    Another vote for hlg I use an rspec550 in a 4x4 and can clear a pound no problem, I'm sure many growers can do much much better. Plus a 3 year warranty and supporting local manufacturing!
  11. Unhinged

    Vivosun. anyone happy with their products?

    Their grow bags work but I wouldn't leave my house with their electronics plugged in.
  12. Unhinged

    Do you add anything to the water when cloning in water?

    I add a little flora nova grow or bloom. More effective than water alone in my limited experience
  13. Unhinged

    Getting rid of fungus gnats during flower

    Spray hydrogen peroxide onto the top of soil every other day for a few weeks. Sticky yellow fly traps might get the adults.
  14. Unhinged

    Spider Farmer LED Grow

    Some stellar advertising from SF
  15. Unhinged

    Exhausting into same apartment as intake

    Open the window or buy a carbon filter. You gotta get the humid air out and some fresh air in.
  16. Unhinged

    Ugly mutant young lady. Should I let it grow and do its thing or start a new seed instead?

    I grew a plant that looked like that and turned hermaphrodite non flower. Your mileage may vary.
  17. Unhinged

    Introducing myself

    Welcome on board I'm all ears to hear what you've got to say
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    To R-spec or not to R-spec?!

    Thanks for supporting north american manufacturing!
  19. Unhinged

    Getting flower tested? Mail in

    Depends where you live.
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