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  1. CaliRooted

    Bud Back Building - Real Or Myth?

    Bro science at its finest. Would love to see the quality y'all on growing doing this. Could it just be the swell? Lol
  2. CaliRooted

    My poor babies!!

    Looks like they were having issues before the current issue
  3. CaliRooted

    Are These From Mites?

    Cant smoke that now or at least i wouldn't
  4. CaliRooted

    What Were We Smoking In The 70’s

    Yeah I've had all of that but not even close imo
  5. CaliRooted

    What Is Everyones Choice Of Peat?

  6. CaliRooted

    Wtc, Gg4, And Gsc

    Yeah I really believe this is all do to high ec and the beginning over nute lockout which in turn causes stress then we see the Hermies
  7. CaliRooted

    Bubba Cookies Grow Journal (divine Genetics)

    Those gg look like the Hop Laten Viriod or whatever it's called. Duds. I'd clone those asap get them outside in the sun and let them regain their health.
  8. CaliRooted

    Wtc, Gg4, And Gsc

    Anything cookies and even GG can always have the potential to throw sacks. Just manage your EC and you should be good. I believe most of us still over feed and that can absolutely cause that problem. Congratulations on the harvest
  9. CaliRooted

    Watering Before Harvest.....

    Always water before u chop always. Its speeds up drying time when your plants are one dry at chop. Slow and steady when it comes to curing
  10. CaliRooted

    Wtc, Gg4, And Gsc

    If your having Hermies on the gsc your e.c runoff is high I bet. Feed lower next run
  11. CaliRooted

    Setting Up New Room. Can A 3 Ton Mini Split Cool 9 Nanolux De Lights?

    Window ac would probably cover u along with the 3 ton. I owe many quest models. Their best are the overheads. Dont waste your money on the floor model it's a real piece of crap
  12. CaliRooted

    Setting Up New Room. Can A 3 Ton Mini Split Cool 9 Nanolux De Lights?

    Youd maxing that things out and be running around 81.5 would be my guess. You need around 42000 btus of cooling and a 3 ton is 36000. Dehu is a must.
  13. CaliRooted

    Wtc, Gg4, And Gsc

    Looks ok actually, thanks for the close up. Keep it going my friend
  14. CaliRooted

    Taco Effect??

    Your really over thinking it man. GG4 is a hardy plant and isnt effected by alot and takes some abuse. It's a humidity issue, I just corrected this samething last week. I've dealt with this many times now. You say your humidity is above 50% is that lights on or off? If your lights off is in 60%...
  15. CaliRooted

    Low Odor Clones

    Those things dont look happy and can tell they have a messed up light schedule
  16. CaliRooted

    Is Growing Going The Way Of Big Pharma?

    Legalization blows in general. The wrong folks were aloud to write the laws with one thing in mind. MONEY.
  17. CaliRooted

    Have Root Aphids, Pyganic Drench Or Big Time Exterminator?

    Until you get 1 room empty and clean with zero plants this problem will continue until you do. I've been growing for awhile and just went through this over the last 8 months. If I didnt count on this to make living i would have moved months ago just to get a fresh spot with all new genetics...
  18. CaliRooted

    Hi I’m David! Organic No Till Grower

    Thanks for the correction but it's still a true statement
  19. CaliRooted

    Holy Grail Kush

    What a trimming nightmare
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