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  1. TripsRabbit

    Need help with leaves with spot and wrinkles

    You should water heavily until water runs out the bottom and then let them dry out completely b4 watering again. Watering once a day in dirt will make the roots stay wet, get water logged and rot. Roots like to breathe, let them dry out between watering and get some air.
  2. TripsRabbit

    update week-4 veg unknown deficiency

    It just needs more light.
  3. TripsRabbit

    Please Help identifying leaf symptoms

    Purple petioles usually means magnesium deficiency, I would add some epsom salts to the mix.
  4. TripsRabbit

    Need help with leaves with spot and wrinkles

    Have you scoped the bottom of the leaves?
  5. TripsRabbit

    Pest eating my seedlings, but not the kind you think

    Sticky traps all around the sprouts
  6. TripsRabbit

    Breeders harvest prediction (must be 5 words), HA!

    I just go by if they are still drinking and growing new white pistils. When it stops drinking it's done. I water mine in coco 2x/ day, the last week they slow down on drinking so I water 1x/day, and then the last day or two the pot stays heavy and I get runoff almost immediately when I start...
  7. TripsRabbit

    High THCV strains and breeding them

    I am growing multiple strains, not all went herm, just novarine and Varins G. Like 7 or 8 plants total, I really think it's the landrace self pollinating genetics of the high ThcV strain.
  8. TripsRabbit

    I have a single S1 from a plant with very desirable traits. What do I do?

    Put the seed in the fridge for two weeks, then sprout 🌱 it. The cold tricks it into sprouting stronger.
  9. TripsRabbit

    Is this the first sign of flowering? Help please!

    Look at the lower spots near the stalk for hairs
  10. TripsRabbit

    High THCV strains and breeding them

    Update: Every high ThcV strain bean that I popped hermied on me in early flower. No room for those in the tent, guess I'll have to keep trying. Didn't someone say something about all the hard work being done already? Nevermind, probably just me.
  11. TripsRabbit

    Why do my sativas always end up like this?

    My temp hovers between 75 and 80°F My humidity jumps above 60% at night even with a dehumidifier in the tent and then stays below 50% during the day. Automatic watering 2x a day until runoff in 100% coco It's only this plant that does it, my other strains do fine.
  12. TripsRabbit

    Post your POTMC pics for nominations

    Lemon snow cone 🍋
  13. TripsRabbit

    Why do my sativas always end up like this?

    Those last pics were not sativa, wrong pics. Here's the sativa
  14. TripsRabbit

    Why do my sativas always end up like this?

    @Aqua Man I cut calmag after stretch and they are doing somewhat better. I'm still getting a slight mag deficiency tho. I might cut the calmag all together in flower and just use gypsum and epsom so I can get the ratios right.
  15. TripsRabbit

    For Sale Trichcorder's for sale. $40 shipped. (Bluetooth)

    I get pics that good from a free app called cozy magnifier.
  16. TripsRabbit

    Organic grow - yellow leaves - in flower - help!

    Looks like they are hungry for some magnesium or you've locked it out with too much P and K. I'd top dress with a little epsom salts if it was mine.
  17. TripsRabbit

    UV and IR supplemental bars

    It says that it's both uva and uvb in the description and even says how much of both
  18. TripsRabbit

    UV and IR supplemental bars

    If you have the funds you could add a few mammoth uv bars.
  19. TripsRabbit


    Looks nice, keep it going, you might get an oz
  20. TripsRabbit

    Made some changes for watering

    I'm thinking of doing the same type setup with a condensate pump at the bottom.
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