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  1. QLTYlab

    A-Dub Killer (Franchise Genetics)

    flowering soon, had to keep them slow vegging for a little while @jessejames12345 from the smell of them in veg, i would pop them soon.
  2. QLTYlab

    Live from the tent of DC105

    Wow dude you really turned those around!
  3. QLTYlab

    Get More Bang Out Of Lower Grade Hash/flowers With The "rosin" Tech

    Im converted on this tech, in love. The high is amazing. Have done about a half oz and have loved every dab. I know i can get better with it for more per press. Also, original credit to @SoilGrown on IG for this tweak. Defiant is making some killer rosin too tho. Gamechanger no question!
  4. QLTYlab

    QLTYlab's pheno hunt for the keeper cut; too many strains to list

    @CornfedDread Louie Cookies are looking awesome cannot wait to smoke them very soon. I have 3 that lean mostly cookies and 1 that leans more Louie. Definitely some coloring up which is cool to see. I have one more strain from Epik, Siense Kush so will be cool to see how those turn out. Chop...
  5. QLTYlab

    Dispensary Wont Pay For Consignment

    it was a joke dude relax hence the latter part of the comment
  6. QLTYlab

    Dispensary Wont Pay For Consignment

    Could always report you saw them dealing out the back door ;) seriously though, tough lesson and no consignment!!
  7. QLTYlab

    This Is Your Wilderness On Drugs: The Environmental Reality Of Pot Farming

    not big enough yet to seize it all. unless some serious protection is instituted very soon, lots of big growers will go through some fun years ahead.
  8. QLTYlab

    Golden Ticket 2 Loompa land.

    Wasn't there a harvest? went from flower pics to veg pics. howd it go?
  9. QLTYlab

    A-Dub Killer (Franchise Genetics)

    @redlife215 updated my other thread but forgot to get pics of just the Adub Killers, i will do so this week once transplanted. they are crazy vigorous! easily the fastest growers of the various strains i popped. have been in too small of container for too long and got a little leggy.
  10. QLTYlab

    QLTYlab's pheno hunt for the keeper cut; too many strains to list

    thanks guys for stopping by, i will have some early flower shots in the next couple days. I either missed a male or cut down the wrong plant cuz found a bunch of balls all over one. really am meant to make seeds this round! hes a beauty, will grab some pics of him too. also have a Valley Ghash...
  11. QLTYlab

    QLTYlab's pheno hunt for the keeper cut; too many strains to list

    just a quick update, the mites seem to be controlled so going to flip this week. grew so much this past week i am forced to do vert lighting haha. pretty happy cuz i wanted to a reason to try it again. rearranging the room for vert today and will snap a few pics this week for a real pre-flower...
  12. QLTYlab

    New iPhone Locks Out N.S.A.

    there is an option in the phone's settings to disable geolocation tags on the photos. then to post online, you can further strip all details off the image when you right click the image in a folder on your computer under properties, "remove all details".
  13. QLTYlab

    Live from the tent of DC105

    hope everything is going well with your daughter dude that sounds like a tough situation to handle. killed this grow as always! can't wait to see the fire you have waiting in veg and seed.
  14. QLTYlab

    In an OOM PAH PAH Loompa's garden in the shade

    looks like that one is now on my list, thanks!
  15. QLTYlab

    russet mites

    Conserve SC advocate right here, just saved my whole crop this week. Need to get a wetting agent to help spread better so will try the cocowet. Worth every penny, i was concerned about the cost at first too but will never question it again.
  16. QLTYlab

    In an OOM PAH PAH Loompa's garden in the shade

    Knew i was sleepin on the purple dogwood! looks pure fire @Oom pah pah what's the flavor like?
  17. QLTYlab

    strain hunting and my war against spidermites

    good to know thanks @Seamaiden may give that a try when its not life and death situation for them
  18. QLTYlab

    QLTYlab's pheno hunt for the keeper cut; too many strains to list

    ya thought that might be the case to be sure to catch the hatching ones or hiding ones. Does it kill the eggs? I am using it assuming it doesn't entirely. thanks for the good vibes! @RG420
  19. QLTYlab

    Girl Scout Cookies & Friends

    i know the feeling, haven't had my own meds for a month now and am going nuts with all the unflushed nug, even from the dispensaries! @FooDoo so annoying
  20. QLTYlab

    Toasters Seed Popping Micro Adventures

    Cool!! love seeing micro grows, i started out in a 16"D x 30"H x 27"W cab with 250w of cfls and still miss it sometimes. Yours seem to love the leds! keep it up man.
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