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  1. sealed138

    What Do You Do To Keep Your Rooms "green"

    Where I'm at in cali were on a tiered system as far as kw usage.With lets say an 8 light grow I'm reaching the top rate tier in 3-4 days, after that I'm paying around $o.44/kw hour. That means that for roughly 27 days per month I'm making top tier rates on whatever power i can produce. So if I...
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    Alien Genetics

    Starfighter lower
  3. sealed138

    What's the best mini-split system?

    both of my 3 ton aura systems are still running great
  4. sealed138

    Mwd Going Organic

    vital castings are the best! looking good MWD.
  5. sealed138

    Killin it with grape vine anybody else?

    didn't they drop yesterday?
  6. sealed138

    Vaccuming 80% Instead Of 100%

    Yeah I think I could almost get 2 mini splits for what it cost with the 500' roll, compressor, nitrogen tank, and regulator. But it does work great.
  7. sealed138

    Vaccuming 80% Instead Of 100%

    i picked up an accvac3000 nitrogen sealer. 30" bags come in 500' rolls. you need a large air compressor, bottle of nitrogen and a regulator. works awesome!
  8. sealed138

    Blow dry after the rain?

    I take that back its denatured that they sell by the gallon. NOT the same thing.
  9. sealed138

    Blow dry after the rain?

    I get it from Home Depot by the gallon. Its in the paint department.
  10. sealed138

    "Clear Concentrate" praise and questions

    The clear is definitely refined from lower quality bho. Just not quite sure of the process YET.
  11. sealed138

    Found these little fast moving pests only fan leaves anyone no what they are, there on my stickys to

    Monterey garden insect spray works great. Kills the thrips in minutes. Most hydro shos and garden supply stores have it. 2 oz per gallon if I remember correctly.
  12. sealed138

    Outdoor Site Inspection??

    Don't trust em
  13. sealed138

    Graywolf Terpenator success!!

    I just picked up a bhogart system that works awesome. It has two ports on the collection pot so you can hook up two recovery pumps. It also has a water jacket for the collection pot.
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    Time to Upgrade -- need help on new Dehumidifier

    I'm really loving the pheno I ended up keeping. Never had any smoke like it. And it yields!
  15. sealed138

    Time to Upgrade -- need help on new Dehumidifier

    I like the drizair 1200's You can pick up used ones for around 600 on cl. I believe they retail for 1200
  16. sealed138

    Lemon Alien Dawg #1

    Damn, just re-read my post. Must have been having a bad day. My bad folks. Sorry for being a dick @wobbly goblin
  17. sealed138

    water pump tea brewer

    I've used a inline pump before. I believe it worked great, but I did use a large air pump also. Make sure and put the pump on a recycle timer. I set mine on 2 min off 30.
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    I popped two packs a couple weeks ago. They all popped and look great.
  19. sealed138

    Help Squiggly With His Compost Tea Project!!

    I definitely think OG biowar is the way to go as far as added biology to the brew, but I also use compost, castings, fish hydrolisate, powdered kelp, and baseline. All at different ratios, but if you we're to narrow down conditions/recipes to better achieve different goals using your system of...
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