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  1. dirtyoldman

    Mold issues last week of flowering. Pesticides? Harvest?

    I saw it and said out loud "oh shit, bud rot" before I even scrolled down. Like being told you have lung cancer. Makes me proud when I give top-grade bud to relatives at Christmas and I can say it's clean of everything. I even hold back the fertilizer toward the end so it gets used up and...
  2. dirtyoldman

    Fan suggestions for grow tent?

    That's not too bad for space. A big oscillating head wouldn't be banging into the foliage. Price is good, too.
  3. dirtyoldman

    Fan suggestions for grow tent?

    My new 4 x 4 grow tent arrived today and I am shopping for interior oscillating fans. I've been using the Holmes Blizzard oscillating 8-inch desk fan in my closet grow. Hanging it upside down. The first one burned out after running about a year non-stop. The second one broke in just 3 months...
  4. dirtyoldman

    Let's See Your Frostiest Flowers

    Chop day today. These two colas weighed 2.5 ounces before I hung them up. The rest of the plant will bring me an ounce easy. I'm loving it because I never had WW before and really like the taste and the buzz. Really a unique spicy taste. I'm thinking about buying a grow tent after growing...
  5. dirtyoldman

    Need help not sure what is going on and have stumped multiple experienced growers

    Before I even read Paulhibhoy's post I pegged this as Septoria. Seen it before.
  6. dirtyoldman

    Let's See Your Frostiest Flowers

    Freaky Juicy Fruits have some seeds in them. But buds keep growing. another week maybe. Sticky icky.
  7. dirtyoldman

    Let's See Your Frostiest Flowers

    White Widow weirdly finishing early. Not quite at 7 weeks. Have no idea why it yellowed out. Not over watered. Not a ph issue. just matured early I guess.
  8. dirtyoldman

    Amekins’ Fantastical Faerie Garden Grow Diary

    But where are the fairies? You'll know them by their boots.
  9. dirtyoldman

    Does anyone what this is???

    You're right, destroying everything is drastic. I just hate bugs. I just know they shit on the weed and it bothers me.
  10. dirtyoldman

    Does anyone what this is???

    Thrips. Scorched earth time, amigo. Burn it down, spray pyrethrin on everything. Vacuum, wipe down, start over. I grew roses and had a helluva time with these. They just won't fucking go away. I lost a rose in the family for 100 years. Attacked the blossoms. Neem oil helps with these...
  11. dirtyoldman

    POTM Nominations - Aug 2021

    Post: Grower: @Tasty Buds Strain: IBL
  12. dirtyoldman

    Juicy Fruit and Hermaphroditism, need new seed bank, offering trade

    Two Juicy Fruits in this picture. I've got 4 Juicy Fruits and one WW on this grow. JF is a sativa dominant cross of two stony varieties. Afhgani and Thai. They keep me looking at the calendar because they are in advanced development and covered with trichomes already. I think I kicked...
  13. dirtyoldman

    Converting a shipping container to underground grow space

    Kudos to your project and I can't believe I missed this thread for this long. Good luck to you and I will watch what happens. It's going to draw a lot of attention because I'm sure there are people like me that have tinkered around will all kinds of stuff in their lives and will be very...
  14. dirtyoldman

    Post your own shareable pics...

    I was lucky enough to own a couple muscle cars from the late 60's and early 70's. I had a '69 Pontiac Tempest with a 350 in 1977 and that thing was quick. I'm lucky I survived that car. It's an era that will never return. When even somebody of little means, even a teen-ager, could get their...
  15. dirtyoldman

    A Couple Plants At 31 Days Of Flowering

    My camera is kind of sucky so you can't see how this Juicy Fruit plant is frosting up nicely at only 30 days of flowering. I'll try to get a pic later. If it keeps up like this it's going to look like it's dusted with sugar. The White Widow was looking great and all of a sudden I've got some...
  16. dirtyoldman

    New member/first time grower

    There is a learning curve. Do not be afraid to ask questions. Beginners should not do hydro or organic but it's your party. Good luck. Be careful not to over-water. Follow instructions exactly for nutrients and keep a log. Print out a calendar sheet or hang a calendar and mark things down...
  17. dirtyoldman

    For Sale Auto fem seeds

    Are you in Latvia? Is this Apuk?
  18. dirtyoldman

    Is she ready to be cut down?

    I'm sure you'll catch a buzz. The plant looks like a clone that never threw mature fan leaves. But your plant got wrecked with fungal disease and insect damage. And it looks nutrient starved as well or the buds would look better. So you've got the triple crown of bad on this suffering...
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