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    Bodhi Seeds Thread.

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    anyone using "terpinator" ?

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    KO of the night.
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    That was a pretty epic fight card tonight!
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    Funny Pictures

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    Funny Pictures

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    Funny Pictures

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    Funny Pictures

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    Funny Pictures

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    Funny Pictures

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    Funny Pictures

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    The Relentless Pursuit Of The Dankest Strains

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    Get More Bang Out Of Lower Grade Hash/flowers With The "rosin" Tech

    Friend of mine is making large amounts of rosin (up to a half pound at a time) by using two big flat and fat steel squares. They heat them in a commercial kitchen oven; they break/grind the flowers down a bit, put it in a filtering bag and press it between the two heated steel slabs. He had a...
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    = The BEST OG Kush Clone Only=

    That's from the white, aka "brains". Grows those ball round chunky nuggets.
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    Am I Not Feeding My Girls Enough?

    Looks like a nice turn around to me man. Well done on sticking it out. I'd smoke some of that! ;)
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    Please Do Your Homework

    Bout 350... Give or take.
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    Please Do Your Homework

    "Why read?".... It says on the 1st video. What a ignant thing to put on the cover of your product. Reading, seeing and involving are keys to learning and execution. I would implore reading about botany, horticulture and this plant we all love here.
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    California Pg&e

    That's a lot for one 600, yikes! I was on care and was able to run 2k hps, 10k wall ac, 2 t5 fixtures (one 8 bulb one 6 bulb) with a few fans and I was in the 190-225 dollar range. This was like 2.5 3 years ago, I definitely was on top of paying the bill. Never had a problem with them in terms...
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    Funny Pictures

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    Maybe you can rent a uhaul truck and keep all stuff that shouldn't be the garage during the treatment in the back of the truck. That'd be much cheaper. Friggin termites! "Shakes fist"
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