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    Irie's gals, past and present

    I was diggin through the hard drive and since many of you haven't seen some of these, I thought I'd share. Few years back we ran some great strains...white russian, mass superskunk, chem sis 06s1, a great selection from Rez's SD IBL, Romulan x ISS (personal fav), purple erkle, and some...
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    Chem D, White, RomulanxISS and more

    Figure I'd throw up some nug shots. First up, what's presently filling the jars: white, romulan x ISS, snowdawg, and what may be double underdawg (I didn't label some, and it appears different than the others...). Followed up by some shots of Chem D, day 60...heading towards 70+ alongside my...
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    hey peeps

    Figured I'd head over here and join in the fun. I have some exploring to do but it looks like a friendly place here. I been growing for 4 year or more; love all the chemdawg genetics and keep chem d, snowdawg, and chem sister close to my heart. I also run Romulan x ISS, Sour D IBL, double...
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