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    yeti f3 by Moe

    she smokes very well. the taste and smell is the best of any strain ive grown. the potency is just a little under a really good og. only a little. she smokes about a 9 over all. if its was just a potent as a elite og, it would be perfect. i only had this pheno. there might be a better one though.
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    Progressive Options

    ive got plenty of cuts from po over the past few years. i tried them like 4 months ago again after like a year break from going. those were the most infested plants i ever had. i always consider clones to have every plants disease there ever was when i get them. these were the most resistant...
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    moe's grow

    i heard around a foot is better. mine arent stretching that much and i havethem a foot a way. and you get better coverage from a foot away.
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    Pineapple Chunk 70 days

    nice fat nugs
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    skipping rocks & moon walking...

    good luck
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    moe's grow

    now im about to pop some frisco og from northstar. they are hells angel og x dead head og. i got these at the cup.
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    White Super Skunk

    that white super skunk looks great. great job growing that. i hope you post pics of the fpog
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    Doing my thang...Medusa

    i didnt know you were a little lady. you get even more props now.
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    = The BEST OG Kush Clone Only=

    eos, wayne those ogs look dank.
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    moe's grow

    heres the 4th spc going into flower
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    Doing my thang...Medusa

    medusa, you are killin it. ww x starfighter sounds nice
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    cali connection feminized girlscout cookies autoflower!!!!!! im screwed!

    those plants are autoflowering for sure. i had cc 818 headband and it my clones started flowering in vegg. the clones were never in flower even before they were cut.
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    moe's grow

    heres some cherry fuel shatterand heres my flowers room. 2 240 watt blackstar led. i got 2 1000 watt hps to add in the next few weeks
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    moe's grow

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    moe's grow

    Here's the next two sweet pink cookies ready for flower
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    Gorilla Glue#4

    if god gifted a strain to the world, there would be more people hating on it than any other strain. gg4 and cookies are over rated but you dont post pics of whatever you have thats better. you get on a site that almost everyone post picture on and say its stupid to post pics. its illegal to grow...
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    Gorilla Glue#4

    its way to many haters in the world.
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    FPOG F2 (Fruity Pebbels OG)

    i was just going to tell you that was a female. when theyre pointy, theyre females :
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    moe's grow

    sweet pink cookies is from goldenrod. blue power white nightmare is from sin city seeds
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    moe's grow

    Here's some what I got going. Sweet pink cookies that I transplanted not too long ago 8 blue power white mightmares infront and 4 sweet pink cookies in the back and a solo of the 8 blue power white nightmare Here's the first sweet pink cookies I transplanted and the first one done with...
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