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  1. TrueGritG

    For Sale Aliens Andromeda very hard find

    Sorry for the late reply. I have F2 seeds available.
  2. TrueGritG

    For Sale True Grit Genetics Seed Selection

    Free Ship U.S Get 2 packs of the same strain of Souvenirs and get the 3rd free if available. Of course that doesn't include the crosses that I only have 1 pack left. Game Changer Mac x Gmo F1.. 4 packs left 175.00 Gmo x Mac fems 100.00 Steppenwolf Ice Cream Man x Gmo 7 packs left 125.00 Mac...
  3. TrueGritG

    For Sale Alien Genetics

    Apple Rock Candy
  4. TrueGritG

    For Sale Aliens Andromeda very hard find

    Been sold out everywhere for a wile. I just happen to have an extra pack. 300 free shipping U.S Lineage: (Starfighter x Animal Cookies) x Sour Apple IBL Breeder: Alien Genetics Indoor Bloom Time: 56 – 63 Days Outdoor Bloom Time: Early October Type: 10+ Regular Seeds What Is Sour Apple IBL? This...
  5. TrueGritG

    For Sale New Seed Bank

    New seed bank 👌👌👌
  6. TrueGritG

    For Sale True Grit Genetics Strawberry Parfait

    If you know anyone who is looking for bulk. I'm selling 700 of these seeds for 700 bucks
  7. TrueGritG

    For Sale Alien genetics

    These still available?
  8. TrueGritG

    Who remembers Paraquat

    paraquat,” is an herbicide sprayed over marijuana fields in Mexico in the 1970s—with the aid of US money and US-provided helicopters—and over marijuana fields in Georgia in the 1980s under the direction of the Reagan Administration. As a youngster in the 70s I used to go with my brother to...
  9. TrueGritG

    For Sale Alien

    Your Alien gear still available?
  10. TrueGritG

    For Sale Caps Mac F2

    12 Regular seeds 75 bucks free ship in U.S. [email protected]
  11. TrueGritG

    For Sale Fujimo Max

    A strain full of knock down power. Gmo x Mac x Peanut Butter Breath 12 beans OneTwentFive
  12. TrueGritG

    For Sale Alien Outbreak

    Starfighter x Animal Cookies x Sour Apple IBL x Starfighter x Aliendawg 12 reg seeds per pack. OneFifty
  13. TrueGritG

    POTM Finalists Voting - Aug 2020

  14. TrueGritG

    For Sale True Grit Genetics Strawberry Parfait

    Djs Blueberry x HS Strawberry Diesel 100+ Regular seeds $150.00 Free Ship in U.S. 60 to 70 day Heavy Terps Large yields Average 22%THC
  15. TrueGritG

    The Capulators Mystery Cookies Mac

    Well said everyone, In my 34 years it was the first time someone cried about making seeds from a pack they sold. I don't just make seeds without seriously pheno hunting I also reveg my males which to me is very important unless the breeder the seeds come from is trusted well. I had his Cut and...
  16. TrueGritG

    For Sale True Grit Genetics Seed selection for now

    1.Alien Outbreak 150.00 2. Tre Stardawg F3 80.00 3. Steppenwolf 100.00 4. Mc Jelly 3 pack left 125.00 5. Fujimo Max 125.00 6. Placenta 3 packs left 175.00 7. Mac F2 125.00 8. Orange Tree F3 80.00 9. Forgotten Star 100.00 10. Cherry Starfighter 200.00 11. CruzDawg- Blue Dream BX1 x Tre Stardawg...
  17. TrueGritG

    The Capulators Mystery Cookies Mac

    Well when I bought 2 packs of Mac for 250 a piece I would be dammed if I didn't do a pheno serch in Hope's to make seeds. Luck had it that I did find a couple I like and 1 male that I thought was worthy of a reveg as the 8 other males where a disaster. So I revegedvthe male it grew up just fine...
  18. TrueGritG

    True Grits Alien Outbreak F1

    He never took good care of the mother plant. She stretched in every direction. When he took cuts for his grow he was getting them from top to bottom, Week cuts to strong cuts all over her instead of actually checking each one. I said how in the heck are you going to get uniformity if you take 10...
  19. TrueGritG

    True Grits Alien Outbreak F1

    Right F1 can be unstable that's a fact. Here is one for you. A guy took 6 cuts off of a fabulous GG#4 babe that had everything you would want in her, but out of the 6 cuts only 3 where uniform to moma after flowered so he trashed the 3 kept the other 3. Again he took 6 cuts from the same mom...
  20. TrueGritG

    True Grits Alien Outbreak F1

    Shit then I better be careful who I call a dumb ass or a moron because it takes me 25 minutes just to find a delete button if there is one.🥺
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