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  1. 500lbs Guerilla

    What Is Happening To My Greenhouse?

    I've had plants in my greenhouse at 30 degrees and the worst was a little freeze burn on foliage directly in front circulation fans
  2. 500lbs Guerilla

    What Is Happening To My Greenhouse?

    Low temps won't cause that. pH is a possibility. How wet is your soil? Did you let your dry ferts compost before planting? Perhaps the addition of bottled salts (age old isn't organic) slowed the decomposition process and the increase in moisture might have triggered the soil to heat up with...
  3. 500lbs Guerilla

    Monster Cropping W/a Twist

    Did you add anything to your clay soil like Gypsum, peat moss, or organic matter? Lots of things you can do to help with clay soils
  4. 500lbs Guerilla

    Worm I Caught Eating A Bud

    Caterpillars are common, but If you live near oaks, you'll have lots of pillars. They also tend to flare up after a rain. Spinosad like mentioned above is the standard these days. For next season, you can order predatory wasps and place them in trees or around the garden area. They'll keep...
  5. 500lbs Guerilla

    Good Cheap Places To Grow And Buy Land In Cali

    I have some friends down in Kern county. Bought 10 acres for 30k. Kern is definitely not a friendly county though. He's grows completely under shade cloth and does pretty well.
  6. 500lbs Guerilla

    Monster Cropping W/a Twist

    I guess I should have read more before posting. I thought you were just revegging a plant, but you're cloning a flowering plant and revegging for a really long time - That's pretty interesting! I'll be following closely :)
  7. 500lbs Guerilla

    Monster Cropping W/a Twist

    I've never even heard of monster cropping haha. In my experience, depending on how long you've revegged the plant, there are all sorts of differences in growth which I personally don't find beneficial. Here's my experience with about a month of reveg. First, you get lots of dead brown calyxes...
  8. 500lbs Guerilla

    foliar feeding outdoors?

    +1 for kelp. I put it in the old brix mix recipe though. Also cal25 and occasional fish protein during veg, and compost tea for a good while longer.
  9. 500lbs Guerilla

    Help With Scrog

    I used to scrog when I grew indoors. Built frames of 3/4" pvc, screwed in eyelets every 2.5" and strung it up with mason string. Had 4 way corners on the pvc frame so I could add another layer of trellis. First layer was 8-10" about the soil, and second trellis another 8-10 inches about that...
  10. 500lbs Guerilla

    Something Eating My Stalks??

    +1 for tanglefoot. Used to use it back when I was gorilla growing in trash cans. I'd coat the rim of the can in tanglefoot and I would find dead lizards and mice stuck all the time. Maybe the 2 liter bottler wrapped around the stalk and coated with some tanglefoot. Don't get it on your clothes.
  11. 500lbs Guerilla

    Tips On Brewing 1500 Gallon Batches Of Compost Tea??

    the way your irrigation is set up, it might be difficult without running pumps and a secondary irrigation system/hand watering. Are your tanks cone bottom? If so, building a vortex system or even just bubbling with an appropriately sweet water blower would probably work. Filter or not, I...
  12. 500lbs Guerilla

    How To Transport 2-4 Foot Plants Befor They Flower

    For the record, I'm in California where lots of people use uhaul to move plants and dirt. I've never heard a complaint about smell, only dirt left behind.
  13. 500lbs Guerilla

    How To Transport 2-4 Foot Plants Befor They Flower

    Maybe put them in trash cans and move them 1 or two at a time? The plants are pretty resilient and as long as roots don't get messed up theyll be fine. A friend recently delivered me three 6 footers in the back seat of a Prius. Tied the foliage like a Christmas tree and laid them down...
  14. 500lbs Guerilla

    Light Dep High Humidity Advice Help

    Your inside humidity won't drop below your outside humidity without some sort of dehumidification. If you're moving enough air through the greenhouse, it shouldn't spike to 99% though. I use an inline fan to blow air into my dep, and an online fall to éxhaust too. Ducting buried under the...
  15. 500lbs Guerilla

    I Need To Set A A Huge Drip System. Please Help.

    Looks good! Make sure you know your flow rates and psi and run the main lines accordingly. Know your maximum run lengths. Fuck spaghetti tubing because it clogs. 1/2 pressure compensating clog resistent tubes are great. I like 9" spacing between emitters. Put drain valves or removable end...
  16. 500lbs Guerilla

    Should I Be Concerned About Temp When Growing In Pots??

    they make cheap grow bags in white if you want to transplant affordably. I bet that lawn has a couple inches of decent topsoil for the roots to grow into too
  17. 500lbs Guerilla

    Should I Be Concerned About Temp When Growing In Pots??

    Painting pots white make a huge difference . Grouping them together helps too as there is less pot surface exposed to the sun. Mulch the tops. If you don't want to use paint, you can mulch the sides too. One bale of straw would be plenty for those 9 plants
  18. 500lbs Guerilla

    Curing With Boveda Packs

    I'm using 62% boveda packs this year because I plan on storing some meds until next summer. So I do it the natural way, then I throw a boveda in for a couple days to get the humidity exact and consistent, then I seal it up and store it. No idea if it works any better, but I've never stored...
  19. 500lbs Guerilla

    White Buffalo Seeds

    I don't know if it's the same as tatanka, but I'm growing a white buffalo clone which I believe is (Bay11 (og X Appalachia) X blackberry kush) X romulan Slow vegging, reminiscent of purple Urkel with a bit more stretch and bit more og in the flower structure. Super frosty, even the fan leaves...
  20. 500lbs Guerilla

    How Do You Handle Investors In A Warehouse Grow?

    Typically if you're in a partnership, expenses are split the same way profit is split. The exception goes to permanent structures such as construction and equipment, which is usually covered by investors, leaving nutes etc to be split. If the store is covering the cost of nutes, then maybe...
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