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  1. montanamike1

    What Makes Up A Stellar Stud For Breeding?

    Not to call BS on anyone here, but do male plants actually produce trichomes? I only ask because I recently flowered out a male, and saw nothing but pollen... No smell but chlorophyll either for that matter... Anyone have some pics of trich heads on male plants so I know what to look for?
  2. montanamike1

    Pot Too Dry

    Sorry, I suppose I should clarify since a lot of new farmers have joined this post- DO use Boveda packs and cannabis leaves/stalks/other buds to rehydrate. The worst way to rehydrate your cannabis is by sealing it in a plastic bag with food, particularly leafy greens. Here's why- 1...
  3. montanamike1

    Pot Too Dry

    Please no one do this- use Boveda humidipaks or wet cannabis to rehydrate if needed. See research online-
  4. montanamike1

    Is this light bleaching? Strange white patches...

    Cool, thanks for the replies guys, it had me puzzled since I've never seen light bleaching outdoors before. It only happened on the Sour Lemon OG, so perhaps that strain is particularly sensitive to light.
  5. montanamike1

    Is this light bleaching? Strange white patches...

    Hey guys, been doing this for a while and had a curious looking couple of leaves turn up on my Sour Lemon OG. I've got a dozen plants and as many strains out there, but none of them are showing this except this SLOG, and just a few leaves. It looks like someone touched a few blotches of white...
  6. montanamike1

    bho, winterizing ... still no shatter :(

    Greywolf is absolutely the person to talk to on this, the rest of us are just amateurs, but I'll repeat what's been said in a more comprehensive manner. My $.02 is that you are not heating up your solution uniformly to a high enough heat for a long enough period of time. Even though the water...
  7. montanamike1

    Best deal for Split A/C unit?

    I gotta recommend going to your grow shop, getting the name of a good HVAC guy they recommend, and having him come in to gauge your needs and install the proper unit. Cost of Having Someone Else Purchase and Install Your Unit $2-4k The Ability to Have Someone Come Over To Fix The A/C When It...
  8. montanamike1

    Spray insulating a shipping container

    If ya don't care what it looks like, how about framing the outside with treated wood, weatherproofed OSB, and batts of insulation? It might look a little strange to have a wooden box sitting in your yard, but probably no stranger than a metal container... Metal is just a terrible exterior...
  9. montanamike1

    Still Curling....Room no longer too hot or wild temp fluctuations

    My best bet is humidity stress. If you are running over 1k of light in a tent without A/C, you are likely cooling your tent/room with inline fans exchanging the hot air of your room for the relatively cooler air outside. Is it possible that you are "convecting" your room, i.e. blowing hot air...
  10. montanamike1

    Building new rooms. What wall covering ??

    Excellent work woodsmaneh, and very intriguing results! Have you tried any other brown objects or other darkly-colored towels? I'm sure there's someone on here that can drop some knowledge bombs as to why brown towels are kick-ass reflectors...
  11. montanamike1

    100% Organic, drop Heavy 16!

    I'm a fan of both Bio-Canna and Aurora's Roots Organic's and Soul Synthetics lines with weekly Aerated Compost Tea brews. I know it's cliche, but my flavor is always better when i use *mostly* organics and ACTs.
  12. montanamike1

    Roots organics and adding Gravity during flowering..

    I've been using the Soul Synthetics line for over a year from those guys and loving the results- as always, the "magic bullet" for making your buds bigger and tastier isn't an additive like Gravity, it's microbes! Throw in an Aerated Compost tea every week and watch them blow! Good luck to ya-
  13. montanamike1

    Having a few different issues, weak plants?

    I've run LA Confidential through my garden before and she looked very similar- just a finicky plant, didn't seem to affect the final quality or yield too much. I found that she is a very heavy feeder, especially CaMg and micros, and honestly is the ugliest little duckling in my garden- she...
  14. montanamike1

    Deficiency or Burn WTF

    This discussion is way off topic- bottom line; don't go calling folks "cocky and ill-informed" when we are posting good info for you. I'm not saying it isn't a K problem, I'm saying that you are not doing enough documentation to say for sure exactly what the problem is- could be pH, could be...
  15. montanamike1

    Deficiency or Burn WTF

    :stop: Slow your roll a little there Flampkin before you start calling other farmers cocky and ill-informed; we're on here to help you dude. If you don't want other people's opinions, don't ask for it. You clearly are not an expert or you would not be asking questions like "Deficiency or Burn...
  16. montanamike1

    Deficiency or Burn WTF

    Before anyone gives any more "advice", I'd like to agree with squiggly that you clearly were not paying attention to the needs of that plant, treating it like a machine that needs different fuel ratios rather than a living organism. To whit; Plants take time to assimilate nutrients, even those...
  17. montanamike1

    Underfeeding question

    Generally, underfeeding during veg is expressed as a Nitrogen deficency, i.e. yellowing of fan leaves, while underfeeding during flower is generally Phosphorous and Potassium Deficencies, i.e. yellowing of leaf margins and necrosis on fan leaves. Magnesium and Calcium deficiencies can occur at...
  18. montanamike1

    Purple Pineapple?

    Beautiful herb, bro.
  19. montanamike1

    Having problems with condensation building up on the intake ducts and fitting my wye.

    The only solution short of completely reconfiguring your setup is to put a 90 pint dehuey directly underneath your problem area and empty it every day or two.
  20. montanamike1

    Some Nutrient Questions

    I agree with squiggly 100%, in Hydro it's all about cleanliness; you want to have the minimum percentage of solid matter (insoluable nutrient combinations/concentrations) in your system and the maximum percentage of readily available nutrients. For this reason many recommend fully synthetic...
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