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    How do these little guys look

    Anyone that gives a “standard” Distance for lights, that fails to ask about wattage, intensity and doesn’t suggest you purchase an instrument to measure is giving poor advice. The greater the light, the more you’ll require Nute changes, water uptake, ph etc. two lights at equal distance can vary...
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    Will GH PH Down & Up kill off bennies in rhizosphere in DWC?

    Depends on the acid. Microbes coexist with acid in your gut, so more natural acids are needs to lower alkaline.
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    Giveaway Free Test - Spider Farmer SE3000 LED and SF Grow Tent

    #SE3000spiderfarmer I’d love to win!
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    Why tf is there a hole in my stalk? (First grow)

    The spots look like Septia... a fungus from cool wet temps and high humidity. Cut them off (looks like rust drip stains.) cut em off, and stop watering w light on, and overwatering will promote ... from what I’ve read. The water drops w light act like a magnifying glass when lights are on
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    Black Magic pail/ Soil shared room.

    I have 4 plants doing really well in the BMGP (black magic grow pail) i have 2 plants that I started weeks ago and have recovered from a window grow attempt. The 2 are prob flower ready. The BMGP are only about 3 wks old tho. I need a solution for 12 flower light in a shared room. Any...
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    Hello all!

    Hey all! Glad to be here. Studying for future business ops.
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