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  1. ArcticOrange

    Arctic's Organic Planet

    Hey there guys with the conclusion of the kush filled closet I figure it's time to start a new thread. Running an LEC in the ol flower room, t5s and MHs on the veg side which can be converted to a second flower chamber if we get lucky and have more females than we anticipated. Got 6 cherry slime...
  2. ArcticOrange

    Slow Pyrolised Carbon In Soil. (terra Preta And Biochar)

    So I have a bulk source of this stuff and I was wondering if anyone else around the farm has used this in their soil or soilless mixes. This is an industrial byproduct and is vacuum pyrolised, supposedly giving it superior surface area to other biochar products. I have been doing some...
  3. ArcticOrange

    Looking To Expand The Seed Vault!

    Hello fellow farmers! I am looking to expand my seed vault and wanted to get the valuable opinions here at the farm. What do you consider some must have seed stock? What are your favorite beans youve popped in the past few years and why?
  4. ArcticOrange

    Arctics Kush Filled Closet

    So I guess since my last thread was pretty grow specific I'll start anew here. I'll throw some fresh pics in as needed. I got everything I'm running at the moment as sickly mite filled clones and now here we are 30 days into flower and not a site of the Borg. Running kosher kush, critical kush...
  5. ArcticOrange

    Canna Care Veterans Group In Fairbanks March 19th

    Hello fellow Alaskans! I wanted to reach out to my local grow community to say that canna care, a volunteer group focused on providing free cannabis and wellness supplies (toiletries, warm clothes, anything is welcome) will be at your local Hydro store green thumb AK. I urge anyone interested in...
  6. ArcticOrange


    Just putting this out there but has anyone consumed chaga for its health benefits? The stuff grows all over the place naturally here and ive harvested it for others but never used it myself. What do you guys think about it?
  7. ArcticOrange

    So You Think You Want To Move To Alaska?

    Hello fellow AK growers and growers around the world. I have recently seen an increased interest in the great state in which I reside and would like to start a thread about the struggles of living and growing in Alaska. Anyone else feel free to chime in.
  8. ArcticOrange

    Green Patches In New Bag Fox Farms Ocean Forest Soil

    Is that even worth using? Looks like algae or Moss or something.
  9. ArcticOrange

    Income Taxes

    How the hell do you pay federal income taxes on a cannabis business. They require you to pay taxes even on illegal income, so if you are growing legal in your state how do you pay taxes on it?
  10. ArcticOrange

    White Powder's Everywhere!

    I've read plenty of threads around where people claimed white powder mildew was brought into their grow by X, or "I've never had it before it must have come from this soil or that grow bag" whatever the case may be. White powder mildew is caused by fungi primarily from order Erysiphales. These...
  11. ArcticOrange

    Organic Main Line Nl5xhaze Indoor

    Hello Everyone! I have decided to make a new dedicated thread as so much has changed since the start of the "small scale scrog" thread running bag seeds in my closet. Since that thread began I have created a new growing space, decided to try an organic run, and successfully completed my first...
  12. ArcticOrange

    Grow Light Speed

    So I have seen these around the Web but can't dig up any info from anybody actually using one so here it is. The GLS1000 is a 250w bulb housed in a "nanotech tech" reflector and comes with a 10 year warranty and 90 day guarantee that states the light will grow...
  13. ArcticOrange

    Don't Worry I've Read The Stickies

    So I have some yellowing between veins starting from the inside of the new growth going toward the outside. I'm thinking possibly iron zinc or manganese? This may help diagnose it. 1. Are you growing from seed or clones? SEED 2. How old are your plants? 7.5 WEEKS FROM DAY PUT IN SOIL 3. How...
  14. ArcticOrange

    Small Scale Scrog

    Hey everybody, I'm new around here but wanted to get a journal going and see what you all think about the projects I'm working on. Right now my main focus is a small scale scrog with one 5.5 week old indica bag seed and a few seedlings of a sativa that I'm unsure exactly what it is. So here's...
  15. ArcticOrange

    Checking In From The Cold North

    Hey everybody, ArcticOrange here, winter is starting up here in the northern latitudes but that doesn't discourage us. We like our buds as frosty as our car windows in the morning ;). Got a few things going on right now: working on getting a new room built, 4 seedlings, probably getting rid of...
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