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  1. Bulldog420

    Aggresive Dog

    Ask any professional dog trainer about shock collars. They don't use them for a reason. Only hack dog trainers with no skill that are lazy use shock collars. Usually the same kind that run pit bull fight rings. It's regarded as bad practice. Nobody trolling either. Just pointing out evil when...
  2. Bulldog420

    Aggresive Dog

    I had dogs that fight, and I worked through it with vigorous exercise and training. I didn't take them out to the woods and shoot them...... What did you do, just leave the body? What a phyco. The dogs I spoke of found their place in our pack and I had to put in effort every single day, but...
  3. Bulldog420

    Do You Have A Soul?

    Nobody in this thread has done DMT have they.........Answers are out there.
  4. Bulldog420

    Root Prunning.

    bad idea. Very bad idea with cannabis
  5. Bulldog420

    Aggresive Dog

    Fucking phyco. Could you imagine the last thoughts of your dog? Pleading for it's life, looking up at you saying I made just one mistake dad, please dont kill me. Then your phyco ass shoots the dog dead. What a horrible person you must be to do such a thing. I hope you don't have kids, and...
  6. Bulldog420

    Aggresive Dog

    My gosh, it's like people in this thread haven't owned a dog before. That dog is your responsibility and you need to work on that dog everyday. Considering putting the dog down is a cop out at best, and evil at worst. Have you ever had a powerful breed before? They require lots of training...
  7. Bulldog420

    I'm On The Flavour Hunt For A Year. Suggestions?

    In stock at the Hazy Bulldog in Sonora ca
  8. Bulldog420

    Deficiencies Or Nute Burn?

    Go ahead and flower her. Just make sure to give her what she needs.
  9. Bulldog420

    Deficiencies Or Nute Burn?

    Notice the purple stems also? Lacking P.......
  10. Bulldog420

    Deficiencies Or Nute Burn?

    Here is a fantastic video explaining the process of N vs Ca in new plant growth. Been using their product ever since, and I notice a huge difference. In the spring once my plants find their feet, and things get turned into high gear, applications of foliar Ca really helps the new growth keep up...
  11. Bulldog420

    Deficiencies Or Nute Burn?

    Did you ever ask yourself why chloroplasts are lacking in the new growth? What is needed for the building blocks and foundation of chlorophyll production? Also, I see lack of Ca with the number of blades on the leaves. Nothing terrible, but deficient imo. Also, small brown spots are Mg...
  12. Bulldog420

    Deficiencies Or Nute Burn?

    FYI, if you have proper Ca levels you will be shooting 7-9 leaves.
  13. Bulldog420

    Is This Male?

    Your looking in the wrong spot. If the center of your circle was centered on where the bottom of your circle is located now, that is where the male organs are produced. I think I see hairs, but I would need a better picture. (female) Either post the same picture without the red circle, or post a...
  14. Bulldog420

    Deficiencies Or Nute Burn?

    This only happens because N trans locates faster than Ca does in a plant. Those light green growths are lacking Ca and is why they are light green. Just an FYI. Foliar some Ca, OP. Feed that girl!
  15. Bulldog420

    Is Pre-harvest Flushing A Myth?

    Exactly. You da man!
  16. Bulldog420

    Gsc Leaves Curling

  17. Bulldog420

    Leaves Sad And Curling

    Looks over watered to me. Underwater, the leafs droop from the stem. Overwater, the leafs start up, then droop heavy.
  18. Bulldog420

    Tips Curling Up. Is This Normal?

  19. Bulldog420

    Hot Shot No Pest Strip

    These work, but are highly toxic
  20. Bulldog420

    Is Pre-harvest Flushing A Myth?

    What Do the Numbers on Fertilizer Mean? The three numbers on fertilizer represents the value of the three macro-nutrients used by plants. These macro-nutrients are nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) or NPK for short. The higher the number, the more concentrated the nutrient is in the...
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