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  1. montanamike1

    Is this light bleaching? Strange white patches...

    Hey guys, been doing this for a while and had a curious looking couple of leaves turn up on my Sour Lemon OG. I've got a dozen plants and as many strains out there, but none of them are showing this except this SLOG, and just a few leaves. It looks like someone touched a few blotches of white...
  2. montanamike1

    Those Aren't Bananas...

    After poring over at least a few hundred posts from people who are looking for help with their plants in the "Advanced" section, I've come to the conclusion that we need to spread some basic botany knowledge. For a more complete description, see Robert Connoll Clark's "Marijuana Botany". Here...
  3. montanamike1

    Greenhouse growing in WA

    I'm looking at going outdoors this year and hoping to hear some suggestions/recommendations from the experienced WA growers on this forum. Do you guys use hoop houses, dehumidifiers, when do you start/finish, mold warnings, strain recommendations, etc.? Any information will be greatly appreciated!
  4. montanamike1

    Reserva Pravada OG Kush #18 800w Tent Pheno Hunt

    These are 6 different OG Kush #18 feminized, grown from seed in pro-mix beds with Soul Synthetic nutrients at 5 ml/gal and soil amendments under 2 400w lights in a 4x8 tent. Just a pheno hunt, not a main room, so the screen is more to keep things from getting out of control then any attempt at...
  5. montanamike1

    Mysterious White Bumps on Leaves- Please Help!

    This shit is spreading rapidly and I have no idea what it is- here's some pics- the ladies are grown in Roots Organic, no foliar feeding, no stresses other than maybe a bit on the hot side in the room-
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